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July 14, 2013

It took some time ....

It took some time, but I think I am back to earth now. I had some trouble getting New York out of my mind and I feel like I'm a bit homesick. Strange, being homesick about a city that isn't your home.
Ah well, in the mean time summer vacation started and that means I have lots of time doing nothing. So when I'm not reading, of stitching, or knitting I am busy doing nothing LOL
Apart from reading (I already finished five books this week) I have been stitching on The Plantation Sampler. Again the grass grew and grew and I almost had to mow it every week. And a little fence is added on the left side of the house.
I also knitted this week. I did a testknit fot Dutch Knitting Design. You can find her here or here.
It was a fun knit! That much fun, that I have a second one on my needles already and a third one in my mind! Let me introduce you to Raindrops Keep Falling


Giovanna said...

I think it's normal to be homesick for an exciting big city :-) Nice going on the sampler, and the shawl is really pretty, well done.

Karin said...

Heerlijk om zo veel handwerktijd te hebben. Lekker nog nagenieten van New York en ondertussen borduren :)Geniet van al je vrije tijd!
Je borduurwerk wordt schitterend en de shawl is ook een beauty!

Pauline said...

New York heeft dus een zaadje in je geplant, het zaadje van verlangen naar New York. Ze zeggen dat het een heel speciale stad is, dat heb jij dus ervaren.
Mooi dat het gras tegen de klippen opgroeit en jij op zoek moet naar de grasmaaier. Je shawl is een beauty, veel plezier met wat er nog op de pennen staat en wat er in je hoofd rondwaart, ik verheug me op de foto's.

Deb said...

Beautiful knitting! Your sampler is shaping up nicely.