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November 24, 2013

A finished page!

It looks like I only could concentrate on Call of the Raven this week. That's not completely the case. I have been knitting almost every evening on Man! I feel Like a Woman! But pictures don't do the shawl justice, because there are a lot of stitches on the needle and you really can't see the design. I have completed chart three now and started to knit chart three another time to make the shawl bigger.

Call of the Raven kept my attention too, so I could finally finish the page I have been working on. To give you an idea about the amount of stitches:

Chart is 450 x 600 = 270.000 stitches
Done : 450 x 470 = 211.500 stitches
That is 78,3 %

If I want to have it done within two years it means I have to add 2437 stitches each month. Until now I add about 1000 stitches a month. Going on like this means it won't be finished until the year 2017 (!).

November 17, 2013

Peppernut, Raven and a new shawl

Finally I can show my latest finish, a green shawl, that is named Peppernut. It fits in this time of the year, Sinterklaas is arrived in The Netherlands and one of the sweets that belong to this time are peppernuts.
This Peppernut was a gift to a friend, she just got it last Saturday and she let me know she is happy with it.

Then there is quite some stitching done on Call of the Raven. I am determined to finish the page I am stitching on this month.
And a new shawl is on the needles. I am far behind, it was meant as a Halloween KAL by Boo Knits. But I bet I can wear it on other occasions. Here is: Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
Clue one and two are done, just started clue 3. There are four clues in total.

November 10, 2013

Two purses

It is so much fun making these purses that I made another one yesterday. It is done in one afternoon, that is, if you are not distracted by your computer, or your boxes of fabric.
Most of the job is sewing on the handle, it is done by hand and it takes some time. But after finishing that, you have a lovely purse,for your own use or to give away to a dear friend.
This afternoon I made another one. It is just so much fun! I love to see how different they turn out, just by using some other fabric!

November 03, 2013

Thanks and continuing stitching

First of all I want to thank you all for the lovely words and ooh and aahs concerning my Plantation Sampler. I appreciate your comments so much, reading them gives me the feeling I accomplished something very special.
Of course I didn't stop stitching after this finish. I have another design that I would like to see finished! Another page done and still stitching on Call of the Raven.
We also went on vacation and I love knitting while DH drives. So I finished another shawl, not an intricate design this time, but a simple one. Brittania: