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July 30, 2012


First of all I want to thank you for all your lovely comments. It made me happy, to know you all are dancing with me for my finish of the Village.
As you might know I have a long vacation and so I have extra stitching time. But not only stitching time, L can also get some extra sleep, spend more time reading and do some extra cleaning in the house. Our bathroom needed some extra attention, colouring my hair is done and all of a sudden two weeks passed!
I have an update to show.  I joined another Yahoogroup and they run a SAL, called Many Years Ago. You get  a part every two weeks and part one is done.  I stitched this on a Silkweaver 32 ct,  Redwood Forest and I used  Purple of Variegated Pinks by the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

There is also a new knitting project. A shawl, really big in Fair Isle Technique. It is meant to become like this, but of course I can only show the beginning yet. Its called Jewel Shawl and a Jewel it is, I think.

As far as the knitting I showed last week, I frogged it completely. For now the yarn is laid aside, I have another Mystery Shawl on the go and I will focus on that. 

July 21, 2012

A Big Finish!

Yeah, I really have a Big finish! And I did on schedule. I promised myself I had a finish by August 1st and this afternoon I stitched the last stitches on it.
To give all blocks the honour they deserve , here is a picture of a finished block 12:
And may I now proudly present the Village of Hawk Run Hollow, pictures from different angles.

July 09, 2012

Finished KAL, started KAL

Looks like a riddle, finished KAL, started KAL.The summer Mystery KAL is finished, the only thing I have to do is blocking. Yesterday evening I ordered a blocking kit so I can block all my future shawl in an easy way. It will arrive tomorrow. So remember, the following pictures don't do the shawl justice, but I already like it!
And yes, another KAL started last saturday. I casted on and with flying needles I have the first clue done today! It's a mohair yarn, so the pattern isn't as clear as the first one. but I like the colour and I think it will be okay after blocking.
Another shawl is on the needles. I don't know about this. I ckecked, double checked, triple checked. There's no mistake in my knitting, but I don't like the result until now. I hope this will be okay after blocking, anyone who can give me some advice?
There's also a little update on VHRH. Block 12 started, already two tombstones done.

July 01, 2012

A finished block and a Christmas Ornament

Block eleven is done! I want to have this finished at the end of July, so I'm right on schedule with only one block to go.
And I loved stitching this block, the coulours appeal to me and of course a schoolhouse is my favorite building LOL.
Last Tuesday Carol from the HoE board let me know the ornament I stitched was received and she liked it! I did the finishing on this one twice. At first I finished it as a flat ornament, but the result wasn't like I wanted it to be. It was't flat at all! So I did the finishing again and sent it to Carol only three days late.