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July 09, 2012

Finished KAL, started KAL

Looks like a riddle, finished KAL, started KAL.The summer Mystery KAL is finished, the only thing I have to do is blocking. Yesterday evening I ordered a blocking kit so I can block all my future shawl in an easy way. It will arrive tomorrow. So remember, the following pictures don't do the shawl justice, but I already like it!
And yes, another KAL started last saturday. I casted on and with flying needles I have the first clue done today! It's a mohair yarn, so the pattern isn't as clear as the first one. but I like the colour and I think it will be okay after blocking.
Another shawl is on the needles. I don't know about this. I ckecked, double checked, triple checked. There's no mistake in my knitting, but I don't like the result until now. I hope this will be okay after blocking, anyone who can give me some advice?
There's also a little update on VHRH. Block 12 started, already two tombstones done.


Christine said...

Oh Joke,
Wat een prachtige sjaal is het geworden en die lieve mevrouw waar je hem naar toe stuurt zal je eeuwig dankbaar zijn.
Je bent gewoon een lieverd, maar dat wist je al.
Ik ben benieuwd of je de onderste sjaal nog goed gaat krijgen, maar anders zul je wol vast weer in wat anders verwerken.
Liefs Chrissie

Giovanna said...

Very nice shawls, and you must be so excited to be on the Village's last block :-)

Christine said...

Your shawls are gorgeous!