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May 29, 2012

A break at Whitsun

DH and I travelled to Germany for a little break and enjoyed three sunny days at a lovely hotel. We enjoyed a good breakfast, a lovely dinner at a terrace, a boattrip across the Rhein and sore feet LOL  And, surprise, no time to knit or stitch, apart from the knitting I did during the car ride. This is a 'before' picture (one repeat), I have now three repeats done.
We did do something quiltrelated though, we (read: I) visited two quiltshops, *click at the pictures*

and purchased a few FQ's and a lovely yarn.
When we got home I did stitch almost all day, so I have to show you the result of VHRH in the sun! Block 10 almost done!
As I use to do here are some pictures of our trip. 
This lady and I have something in common: sore feet!
After a good breakfast we are ready for a long day of sightseeing.
We also did a boattrip on Rhein and Mosel, a convenient way to see things without having to walk LOL

May 20, 2012

Animal parade

Circus is in town so today it's animal parade! To start with, here are two oistriches. You have seen them before, but now this block is officially finished! As a fun detail I added two pieces of fabric that belonged to a friend. She and I did our Jane quilt together and now we are doing the Bride Quilt together. I think she doesn't remember I borrowed this little piece of fabric when we did our masterclass applique last winter. For her it might be just a piece of fabric, but for me it is more than that, it's a memory of our friendship and I hope to do more projects together!
And then there are four black horses. They belong to the Apple Orchard Farm, block ten of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow.

May 13, 2012

Christmas Bird Exchange

It's not even Christmas and yet I received a Christmas Exchange last saturday. I signed up for the exchange on the HoE-board and this is what Marie P stitched for me.
It's a design from the 2009 JCS Ornament Issue, 'Caroline' by Miss Crescents Crowne. She added a lovely piece of  fabric and some matching threads. Thank you, Marie!
Of course I did some stitching myself too. Block ten of the VOHRH is started and I managed to stitch the first horse and the apples (?) on the floor.
This week there was a trip to Amsterdam with pupils of our school and I had some time for myself, so I went to 'De Afstap' where I bought this beautiful book of lace knitting. 
Of course I had to start a new project immediately, but there's no picture yet, because all I knitted had to be ripped out again :(

May 06, 2012

A finish, a gift and a trip to Berlin

We had a vacation last week and DH and I went to Berlin. We really love this city! As we were there for the fourth time we had time to explore other things than the highlights, seen that, been there. For those of you who are interested in what we did in Berlin, I will tell more about it at the end of this post.
In the evening, when my tired feet had to rest, I sat down and knitted and as a result Expectation is finished! A big shawl that keeps me warm during cold evenings this summer and coming winter (yes, there will be another winter after  this summer LOL)
VOHRH has another finished block. Only three to go before it's a total finish and a happy dance!
Coming home from Berlin, there was a package in the mail. A friend knitted me a lovely snood, wearable as a hood or cowl. It really is a very comfortable one, soft and light and a beauty to see! The third picture shows the lovely design, the colour is the darker one on the first pictures.
Berlin! Having seen the highlights of a city, we like to explore it another way. So I make quilt routes, or in case there are no quilt shops,  yarn routes. We explore parts of the city in which a certain yarn shop is located and that way you have another view of it.
This trip we went to Handmade Berlin, a beautiful shop in Berlin Mitte, with great luxurious yarns and, great combination, a cafe. 
We also visited Die Wollust. This is the birthplace of Lazy Katy, well known to many knitters. It's a wonderful shop, if you ever visit Berlin, you should go there! 
Another lovely yarn shop is Wollen Berlin. The friendly owner designs lovely things and was very helpful in finding other yarn shops. She even printed the route to another shop,  for me! 
Of course we did lots of other things too. We visited the Dom, Pfaueninsel, the Botanical Garden, we had a boat tour and in the evening , when my feet were too tired to walk anymore, I knitted on Expectation.