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June 29, 2014

Meet Molly Malone

My latest finish is named Molly Malone. The original shawl is Oyster Shawl and when I heard that name I immediately thought about a song of an Irish folk band, The Dubliners (among others). Cockles and Mussels a song about a girl, selling fish on the streets of Dublin. I loved that song (I still do!).
One week to go and then summer vacation starts. Time to look for a bigger project to take with me when we leave for Germany. I am dreaming about this one (picture is not mine) but that might change.

June 23, 2014

It's been a while ...

It's been a while since I posted, because of several reasons. I have been away for the weekends, meeting friends, visiting a (quilt) event and travelling to the other side of the country. You know I live in The Netherlands, so travelling to the other side of the country can be done in one day ;)
Of course I have been knitting during these weeks, so I can show you some finishes. 
First of all my Unchained Melody. It is blocked now and that means she really shows her beauty now.
Between things I knitted for a dear friend. She is pregnant and with some other friends we gave her a real baby shower. I knitted her a little spencer and a baby cocoon. 
And today my latest shawl became a finished one. Molly Malone. the border shows oysters, that made me think about a song I've know for years: Molly Malone, who sells cockles and mussels.

June 15, 2014

New adventures

First of all, thank you for your lovely comments on the beautiful shawl I showed two weeks ago. Last week we were away for the weekend (pictures below) so I didn't write a blogpost. I also didn't stitch my Randje per Week. However, in this time of year it seems to me I have lots of time. Time to knit, to quilt and to go out with friends. I don't know if it is just a feeling, or if it is reality. Fact is we are heading towards six weeks (!) of summervacation! time to start some new projects!
I have a finished item again. My shawl, Unchained Melody, is done. The yarn turned out to be very slippery, I had to pay attention to hold the needles very tight, because now and then they tended to slip from the yarn. Here it is unblocked yet, but now it is wahed and on the blocking wires. I'll show the blocked version next week.
We went for a couple of days to Sauerland, Germany. Most people go there in winter (skying), but we hate snow and cold, so we prefer to go there in summer :) Here are some pictures, just to give you anidea.
As you can see we had sunny, warm weather. So when we got home, we went for an after party to our family house in the country to enjoy some more summer.

June 01, 2014


Finally I can show my latest finish! In fact it was finished before Lighten Up! but I couldn't show it here. I have been test knitting for Monique Boonstra. Her design Flower Street is my Hydrangea Avenue

And before I forget to mention it, Linda asked me: Do you wear all your shawls? In fact Linda, no I don't. I wear some of them, but the others are for sale. So if you want a beautiful shawl, knitted just for you, contact me LOL

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present: Hydrangea Avenue!