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June 29, 2014

Meet Molly Malone

My latest finish is named Molly Malone. The original shawl is Oyster Shawl and when I heard that name I immediately thought about a song of an Irish folk band, The Dubliners (among others). Cockles and Mussels a song about a girl, selling fish on the streets of Dublin. I loved that song (I still do!).
One week to go and then summer vacation starts. Time to look for a bigger project to take with me when we leave for Germany. I am dreaming about this one (picture is not mine) but that might change.


Pauline said...

Je Molly is prachtig geworden! Succes met je nieuwe (vakantie) project, dat wordt ook al zo mooi aan het voorbeeld te zien.

Blu said...

Molly is absolutely gorgeous!

Pull the other thread said...

Absolutely beautiful shawl finish. Well done.