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July 06, 2014

Borders, borders

Summer vacation started and yes, we are crossing borders soon! But before we do I had to make sure I was on schedule on my stitched borders, so last week I have been stitching. I was a bit behind, so I had to do eight borders ...

I also finished another poject. Sock number two of Hurdles. In fact I knitted both socks in the last two weeks, because I redid sock number one. It wasn't up to my standard, so I decided to frog the whole thing and knit it all over.
I really don't need them now, but we all know there will be a time when we long for warm socks again ... But not for the next few months!


Pull the other thread said...

Those look like very warm, cozy socks! Great stitching.

Faith... said...

Very pretty socks! Love your border piece.