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July 24, 2016

The story of a shawl

Some years ago I met a lovely woman. She (Y) and a friend of mine  (P) visited the Weversmarkt at Hoorn. We talked for a few moments and then our ways split.
Some time later I won a batt. but I didn't know how to spin. P told me Y could teach me. And so it all started. Our friendship and my spinning.
When I felt confident in my spinning skills I spun some grey merino and started knitting Nae. After a while I ran out of grey yarn. I talked it over with a group of knitiing friends and thought it over.
Some things take a while. This week I added red to my grey shawl. and to create a more balanced shawl I added a picot border.

July 17, 2016

Good start of summer vacation!

Summer vacation is here! And I can't think of a better start than I had. I was submerged in wool for four whole days! The party began last Monday in Amsterdam. I stayed there with a dear friend of mine. Talking, eating, laughing, just enjoying each others company.

Tuesday I followed a class by Loret Karman, master knitter and indie dyer. Together with a group of 18 knitters we were busy thinking and learning about planned pooling and several new techniques and stitches.
We were also busy finding out how colours influence each other. We dyed our own sock blanket, got ideas about improvisational knitting and had a wonderful day!
We were guests at a wonderful location, Ridderikhoff, Hoorn and we were seated in the Wintergarden, a beautiful chamber with wall paintings from 1886. I got my inspiration from a lovely wall panel right in front of me, 
An impresson of the start of our work is above. 

Wednesday was the event of the year, the  annual wool market in Hoorn. Wool wherever you looked. Knitters, weavers, crochters, spinners look forward to this event for months!
Of course I couldn't resist some wonderful hand dyed wool (in fact, more than 'some').

Thursday morning I went home again, my head full of ideas and thoughts and my heart filled with gratefullness. How lucky I am to have so many dear friends!

This weekend I spent my days knitting and finishing the ideas that were brought up. 
Inprovisational knitting
Two balls of yarn from the hand dyed sock blanket
The first miniature sock

I feel I have learned something more about colours, techniques and I feel I move forward in my knitting. Here are the visible results of the class. Besides that I brought home lots of non visible things like information, impressions and new (and renewed) friendships.

June 26, 2016

Quite an update

Due to a weekend of lovely weather and a weekend in which I didn't want to go out, I have quite an update.
I stitched, I spun (both on my wheel and with my spindle), And I knitted on two different projects.
To start with my stitching. Last week I was stitching all evenings on one project, Call of the Raven. You haven't seen this for quite some time,Tthe latest update on this masterpiece was done on 2015, Februari 8(!).
This is how she looked by then.
Now she looks like this. At first sight you might not see the differende, but there are almost two full pages done!
I know, still a lot of work to be done, but hey, I also knit!

On my knitting projects I can also show some progress. There is Je Vole. I am now doing the transition rows, so after that I can knit the boreder. I'm knitting the large version.
Maybachufer is growing steady. It's a fun knit, quick and easy, so I can also knit when we are on the way.
And last but not least I spun a rainbow. The weather has been horrible. Lost of rain and stormy days. So a rainbow it has to be!
Apnning on my spindle is quite relaxing. I spun a rusty thread, lots of autumn colours.

June 12, 2016

Quilting again ...

After a period of six months in which I didn't quilt or stitch I did both this month! A friend showed me her finished embroidered Chinese shoes and I realized I didn't stitch in ages! So I put in a couple of stitches again in my Kuangsi Slipper.
After that I decided I have to finish my second NY quilt. I already finished one, that was given to youngest DD. This one is for me. I did five blocks this month.
And of course I couldn't do without my knitting and spinning. There is progress on a Je Vole (a KAL, Flight of the Owl) and some progress on Maybachufer. Pictures next time!

I already knew how to spin on my wheel, but now I also know how to use a spindle. This lovely yarn came off the spindle this week: Mixed Blue

May 14, 2016

Another finish

Last two weeks we really had summer in The Netherlands. I spent my second vacation week mostly knitting and spinning. My husband bought me an early birthday present. He knows I love knitting and spinning and during my vacation we ran into a lovely little spinning wheel. So he asked me if I would like to have it as a birthday present. Of course I couldn't resist and so I ended up spinning on my terrace for the rest of the week LOL
The first result is this skein of Old Rose. It is about 35 grams, 167 yards. 50 grams left to spin.
And there is another finish, a shawl, Life is But a Dream. the pattern is Merriwether by Rae Gronmark. I used a hand dyed yarn by Wol met Verve and two skeins of Madeline Tosh.
I love the way they match!
And of course there is another project on the needles. Flight of the Owl. A lovely pattern although it took me some time to get the hang of it.

May 02, 2016


And then, all of a sudden, I have a two week long vacation. And it started with a fabulous weekend at the Breidagen Rijswijk, where I was a knitting doctor and in charge of the children's activities. It was a weekend full of meeting friends, wool and knitting supplies.
After that DH and I went on a trip to Berlin, were we spent five days.
Now, back home again, spring finally is here and I spent this morning cleaning the terrace. And I have some time to show you two finishes and a new project.
Just before the breidagen I finished my Penguin Rock'n'Roll shawl, designed by Anna Maltz, aka Sweaterspotter.
In Berlin, I finished my first pair of gloves, No Bananas today. It was cold in  Berlin, I really  needed some gloves!
And then I started a new project, Life is But a Dream. Design Merriwether by Rae Gronmark. 
And to show you we really were in Berlin and I realloy cleaned the terrace this morning, here are some pictures