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April 20, 2014


We had a lovely Easter Sunday today! Sunny, warm (but not too warm) and relaxed. After a busy week with an unexpected trip to Utrecht (a two hour car ride) I found myself this morning sitting at our terrace with some stitching. The 'Randje per Week' borders, to be exact.

In the afternoon, when the sun turns around the house I settled down at the front of the house, knitting.
My testknit is now almost finished, look what a beauty she becomes! I hope to finish her this week, so I can show how she turns out when she is blocked.

April 13, 2014

Were did this week go?

It seems to me that weeks are passing by quicker than when I was young. Last week is gone already. Two more weeks and we are about to have two weeks vacation. Only seven working days, because Easter is coming up too!
I spent my free time knitting and stitching. My borders are up to date again,  I still love to do them on a quiet Sunday morning!
I also stitched on Call of the Raven, although not as much as I hoped for. I was away from home two days, including a night, workrelated. So no time and place to take Call of the Raven with me.
Remember the testknit I am doing? I had some time to knit. Travelling by train is perfect for knitting ladies and this was a real no brainer LOL
I am up to knit the border now, so from now on I have to pay attention. On the other hand, that is what I like most! There is a nice pattern of flowers in it, and beading too!

April 06, 2014

New purse

It looks like I will keep myself busy this summer. I know, nothing to nag about, because I myself am to blame for it LOL
I had some travelling to do last week, so I kept myself busy while the train was getting me there. There is this testknit I love to do, a real nobrainer (so far), so perfect for a ride by train.
The knitting project is kept in a new purse. I'll show some more pictures later on in this post. My borders, Randje per Week, are up to date! I was running behind two borders after this weekend, but I managed to keep up this week.
Call of the Raven is also doing fine. Not as much progress as last month, but still there is progress.
And here are some close-ups of my latest purse. Cupcakes all over. And a sweet pink polka dots fabric inside.

March 30, 2014

Another busy week

Just recovered from having a busy weekend I had a busy week. Work kept me busy, also during the weekend (for several hours, not days!). But there was also time for stitching and knitting.
I met new people to work with and some new challenges are keeping me going!
Something I sewed is this little project purse. I love sewing these things and I have several to keep my knitting projects. All I need is in there, so when I leave home the only thing I need to grab is a projectpurse. Quite handy!
Some other things from last week: the weather is beautiful. Spring is really here, so I decided to clean the terrace and put out the garden furniture.
Nice thing is I have a table that is big enough to hold the yarn umbrella and woolwinder, so I could go outside and make a skein into a cake. The plant in my garden has exactly the same colours! The wool is meant for a testknit, coming up next week.
As for knitting, I have one sock finished. the other one is scheduled for the next weeks. Meet Hurdle.

March 23, 2014

Great weekend!

Maybe you noticed I skipped posting a blogpost this week. I have been so busy, just couldn't find the time. And after being busy I just was exhausted!
Last weekend I was invited to join in a knitting and crochet event, called Breidag en Haakdag. I went there Friday in the afternoon and it lasted until the next Sunday afternoon. It was such fun!
I was asked to translate a workshop given by Tori Seierstad. She does great stranded knitting. Lucky me she speaks English, so the translation wasn't that needed, because most of the students spoke English very well.
Friday evening she gave the first workshop, knitting a lovely mitten. I am always a little behind when it is about following the teacher, so mine is about to come next winter LOL.
Saturday and Sunday I have been a GP for those who were lost in their knitting pattern. I turned out to be a very good psychologist ;)
After doing my 'duty' I had some time off to visit the fair. Of course I bought some wonderful yarn and now I am dreaming about what to knit....
Later that week when I was  recovered from everything I took my stitching. My Randje per Week was behind. Normally I stitch the borders at Sunday morning, so I was a week behind. I am on schedule again ;)
The afternoon I used to sew. I am making some more projectbags. Here is a preview.

March 09, 2014

Looks like spring

This weekend spring arrived! A bit early, but so welcome! We didn't have a real winter, a little bit of snow, a few weeks of frost, but for me it is enough. I long for summer!
The past week was filled with exciting things at work, so when I came home in the evening, I was rather tired. Yet I have a little finish, a babyhat. It is knitted from my own, handspun yarn, 100% merino. Isn't it a cutie?
There are some new projects started too. I can't help myself, sometimes I jump into something with both feet ;)
A pair of socks is started as a KAL in a Dutch group. the picture shows it was quite sunny!
I also started another KAL in a Dutch group, but all I can show is the yarn I'm knitting with.
And there has been a lot of spinning. I love the rythm of moving the wheel, it just has a relaxing effect. In the meanwhile my yarn is growing....

March 03, 2014

Had a great week!

Last week I had a great week, free from work, so DH and I decided to go away for some days. We found a rather good deal at a hotel at Antwerp, Belgium. So Tuesday morning  we left and arrived at the hotel at 14.00 pm. We parked the car, checked in and went outside to explore part of the inner city.
We walkes until 17.00 pm and then it started to rain and didn't stop. Walking in the rain isn't fun,  so we got us a dinner at a restaurant and went to see a movie.
After a good night sleep we explored some other parts of the city, visited two musea, had dinner again and spent the evening at the hotel, giving our feet some rest ;-)
As usual I show you some pictures of our trip at the end of this post.
During the ride from our city to Antwerp and back I was able to knit. My cowl, Canadian Lover is finished!
Coming home, we had some days left before work was calling, so I did some stitching and spinning.
Call of the Raven grows steadily.There only are 12 pages left unstitched, so I really hope I can finish her this year!
My borders are also done this week.
As for spinning, I really get a thin thread and I like doing it! This is a beautiful gray with different tones in it.
And as promised, here are some pictures of our trip to Antwerp. The Grand Market, Vlaaikensgang, a LNS, Museam Plantin-Moretus and a walk through the Bell Epoque Quartier.