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February 07, 2016

With both feet on the ground again ...

After my luxurious stay at the Krasnapolsky Hotel I landed with both feet on the earth again. Work has to been done, but not only that. Of course I find some time to knit ...  My sister in law asked me to knit some slippers for her.
So we went to the local yarn shop together and came up with a bulky yarn. Looking at my other knits, you might know I am not used to bulky yarn, but after buying some extra big sock dpn's I succeeded.
If you take a good look you will notice they look different. Not only left and right foot, but the left is pointing ahead, the right one is a bit round on top. That's because of the grafting I did. I pulled the left one out (only the grafting part) and did it again. Slightly different, but better, I think.
Besides that I finished one mitten. the other one is now on the needles, to complete the pair. It's the An Enchanting Mystery. The mystery was over before I started, due to some lack of time. But to be honest, I don't mind.
When thesecond mitten is finished, I hope to find some time  to finish some other WIP's. The pile next to my sofa is growing, so time to finish something instead of starting something new!

January 30, 2016

Some luxury

This year started very well, professionally spoken. I followed a masterclass and also visited an international European conferention about literacy.
I had the chance to sleep in the most famous hotel of The Netherlands, Hotel Krasnapolsky on the Dam in Amsterdam. Right in front of the Royal Palace! I felt like a VIP, having breakfast at the 'Wintertuin'.

You might think I didn't have time to knit, but I did! In fact I have a few finishes to show. First I did a testknit, Quantum Leap Cowl by Heather Anderson. Pattern is on Ravelry.
Second I finished my shawl Something Inside So Strong. Pattern is Fortresse by Monique Boonstra, named after the shield of Zwartsluis. It was a pleasure to knit. I have a very unique one, because I bought the printed pattern some years ago on a fair. And after that there was given an errat, but I never noticed that. So when I started to knit, I just pulled out my yarn and pattern and started. And, given the pattern, I read the charts from left to right. I wondered, because most of the time you read it from right to left. And that is exactly what the errata is about ....
And in between a friens asked me to knit some Zazies for her. She supplied the yarn and I knitted. I started last Thursday and finished them this morning. And already send them to her. I really am quite happy with what I accomplished this month!

January 09, 2016

Last finishes of last year

First of all I want to wish you a happy 2016! Stay healthy and creative!
I ended 2015 with a couple of small finishes and some hand spun yarn. These small projects are perfect to knit when you are travelling. You don't need a lot of space and yarn.
The last day of 2015 we went on a couple of smalle day trips, so I took my needles and yarn and did my first little project double knitting. A small canal house, as we know in my birth town Groningen, and, of course, in Amsterdam. Pattern from Daphne Ruben and you can find it on Ravelry.
The last two days of the year I knitted these pair of fingerless gloves. This pattern is from An de Vries, Zazie. You can find it on Ravelry or on
And last but not least, I finished my hand spun yarn, Red Velvet. A few weeks ago I bought two nice batts and during the holidays I found myself totally in trance. Spinning. 

December 27, 2015

Daisy Days as promised!

To start with, as promised, the pictures of Daisy Days. She is a lovely shawl, pattern is Daisy Waves by Kieran Foley.
Here she is, about 200 x 55 cm. Handdyed yarn by Loret Karman. A beauty!!
Can you believe it? A brave geranium is flowering in december!

Apart from knitting I realized I didn't show my latest handspun yarn. It is from a falkland batt, named Aladdin.

December 21, 2015


With a shock I realized my latest blogpost was November 22nd. December always is a busy month, but yes, I have been knitting! And I have a finish. In fact, I have two finishes!
The first I want to show you is The Doodler, a shawl by Stephen West. Mine is given the name Doodle-oo-do.
It really was a fun knit. The sideway cable was a new technique, at least, for me it was. But so much fun to do!
And after finishing this beauty I decided there had to come another one. The same pattern, but different colors.
At the beginning of this blogpost I told you I had two finishes. and I do. Started my Daisy Days in May 2015. Been distracted into lots of other knits I suddenly felt it had to be finished by Christmas. So after finishing Doole-oo-do I took my Daisy Days out of the corner of my room and knitted. And knitted. And knitted. Until yesterday afternoon, when I finally wove in the threads and blocked it.
Pictures will be in the next blogpost!

November 22, 2015

Out of my comfort zone

My latest finish is totally out of my comfort zone. I don't like to knit animals, or objects like food or vegetables. Fun to look at, but not my cup of tea.
But some time ago a friend asked for a knitted moon, and as it was her birthday, I couldn't refuse.
So I knitted and cursed the knitting LOL.
But I kept on knitting. And when I reached the hat, I finally got some fun too.
My friend is happy with it and it turned out to be a gift for her daughter, who is pregnant. When I heard that, I was happy I finished the job.
There is another start, The Doddler, a mystery Kal by Stephen West. All knitters have heard about it, I suppose. And I decided to jump in. Usually I am not that fond on mysteries. You don't know what your precious wool is going to be. Clue one was okay, but clue two is a complete surprise. Cabling sidewards and I love it!
Clue #1
Clue #2
Clue #3 asks for another colour, so I join some blue. Its going to look like this. Great fun!

November 01, 2015

Knitting weeks!

Again I have been absent, but with a good reason. Last weekends I have been  knitting at the Fries Museum and at the Breidagen.
The Fries Museum has an exposition about Knitting. And they asked for knitters to come and knit and, if possible, learn (young) visitors how to knit. Great fun!
A week later I went to Zwolle, to visit the Brei-en Haakdag. Two days with friends, wool, knitting and crochet. I was asked to coordinate a children's corner, where children could learn how to knit or crochet. Quite some young girls came to learn. Great fun too! (I am the woman wearing the salmon coloured shirt)
Even a man wanted to learn how to knit. Do you recognize my Sari Marais?
In between I finished my Dig Deep. A shawl, designed by Stephen West.
And a  quick knit, two Bunchoten mitaines. Written from an old pattern, I did this testknit for Evelien Verkerk.