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October 02, 2016

Officially Autumn

Summer was already over, but temperatures stayed summerish. Until yesterday I could sit outside on my terrace and knit. But as we all know it 's just a matter of time until we need warmer jackets and sweaters so I decided some time ago to start knitting a cardigan, Indigopie, designed by Mari Chiba and published in Knitty, Deep Fall 2016.

I hope I am ending up with a lovely cardigan, but I'm not sure yet. As I don't like bulky yarn because it simply is too warm for me to wear, I chose a sport weight instead of a bulky yarn. And that means a different gauge and lots of calculations. Until now it looks okay to me.
The sunny weather allows me to wear my knitted sweater, Westbourne, a design by Isabell Kraemer. I knitted this from a laceweight yarn, so it's wearable in spring and autumn. 
Some weeks ago we were in Paris. And of course I visited a local yarn shop. Lil'Weasel. It is siruated in a lovely passage, worth visiting!
I bought some beautiful yarn and rosewood needles. And after a day of walking, DH cooled my burning feet with water from the fountain. How sweet is that!

September 21, 2016

Where did these weeks go?

All of a sudden it is September 21st. We had some busyu weeks but the main reason for not writing a blogpost was the nice weather that makes me sit outside instead of behind my computer. We really have an Indian Summer! Besides that I have been partying. Friends were married for 40 years, DH and I went to Paris for a long weekend and of course there was my work.
I have two finishes to show. First of all my Westbourne. I didn't knit stripes and I adjusted some decreases and incresases. It turned out to be a sunny knit!
I also finished Maybachufer. The pattern is On the Spice Market by Melanie Berg. A really fun knit, almost entirely done during long car rides.

August 29, 2016

End of summer

At the beginning of the summer vacation (which in my case is six weeks) I had the feeling it would be an endless period of relaxing. And before I knew it, this endless period reached its end. Today I went back to work.
Looking back at my summer vacation I did quite a lot of things. Almost all of them related to knitting, spinning and stitching.
And there was a trip to Denmark. One week at Copenhagen and a week in a cabin in the woods, so to name it. As usual I'll post some pictures of Denmark at the end of this post. For those who are not interested, they can skip them easily.

As usual, I had several projects on my hands. First there is Maybachufer. I reached the final stripes, picture next time. I am knitting a second Westbourne on smaller needles this time. I hope it turns out a bit less open. The second picture is me, in a half done sweater ;-)
There was plenty of time for spinning. I even took my spinning wheel with me to denmark. We went by car, so I could take it and, like I imagined during the weeks before our vacation, I could sit down in the garden and spin.
Je vole (Pattern (The flight of the Owl) is finished! It turned out to be a big shawl. The yarn is doing great on this shawl, It's a mix of 50% alpaca, 25% linen and 25% silk. I love it!
And, as promised, some pictures of Denmark, Copenhagen. It's a random selection of nature, and some views of Copenhagen, the Louisiana Museum, the Black Box (Royal Library),  the Opera, Tivoli Gadens at night.

July 24, 2016

The story of a shawl

Some years ago I met a lovely woman. She (Y) and a friend of mine  (P) visited the Weversmarkt at Hoorn. We talked for a few moments and then our ways split.
Some time later I won a batt. but I didn't know how to spin. P told me Y could teach me. And so it all started. Our friendship and my spinning.
By the time felt confident in my spinning skills I spun some grey merino and started knitting Nae. After a while I ran out of grey yarn. I talked it over with a group of knitiing friends and thought it over.
Some things take a while. This week I added red to my grey shawl. and to create a more balanced shawl I added a picot border.

July 17, 2016

Good start of summer vacation!

Summer vacation is here! And I can't think of a better start than I had. I was submerged in wool for four whole days! The party began last Monday in Amsterdam. I stayed there with a dear friend of mine. Talking, eating, laughing, just enjoying each others company.

Tuesday I followed a class by Loret Karman, master knitter and indie dyer. Together with a group of 18 knitters we were busy thinking and learning about planned pooling and several new techniques and stitches.
We were also busy finding out how colours influence each other. We dyed our own sock blanket, got ideas about improvisational knitting and had a wonderful day!
We were guests at a wonderful location, Ridderikhoff, Hoorn and we were seated in the Wintergarden, a beautiful chamber with wall paintings from 1886. I got my inspiration from a lovely wall panel right in front of me, 
An impresson of the start of our work is above. 

Wednesday was the event of the year, the  annual wool market in Hoorn. Wool wherever you looked. Knitters, weavers, crochters, spinners look forward to this event for months!
Of course I couldn't resist some wonderful hand dyed wool (in fact, more than 'some').

Thursday morning I went home again, my head full of ideas and thoughts and my heart filled with gratefullness. How lucky I am to have so many dear friends!

This weekend I spent my days knitting and finishing the ideas that were brought up. 
Inprovisational knitting
Two balls of yarn from the hand dyed sock blanket
The first miniature sock

I feel I have learned something more about colours, techniques and I feel I move forward in my knitting. Here are the visible results of the class. Besides that I brought home lots of non visible things like information, impressions and new (and renewed) friendships.