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September 20, 2015

Yellow cloud

My latest shawl is finished! It looks like a yellow cloud. Soft, fluffy, just gorgeous! Name: No Woman No Cry. It weighs 114 grams, is knitted from 1771 yards of ColourMart extra fine merino and it's a full circle, with a diameter of 160 centimeters.
And as you know I keep knitting, so a new design is on the needles already. This time a design by Stephen West, Exploration Station. Buying the yarn was great fun. I went to Deventer last weekend to visit a quilt show and I knew there was a lovely wool shop in Deventer. 
So my first steps were ahead this wool shop. And the owner wore a lovely shawl, so a few minutes later I found myself back at the counter, picking some lovely yarns to knit this shawl. 
This afternoon I had a good start.
After buying the yarn I went to the quilt show and it was great. Several Dear Jane Quilts were exposed in the synagogue.

There also was a show and tell of antique quilts. The owner, a very nice person whom I happen to know for a few years now, collects and repaires those quilts and tells about it in a lovely way.

September 06, 2015

Early autumn

It looks like summer left the country and we have an early autumn. In this season I tend to stay home when I don't have to go to work. That results in finishing my self spun wool, Running Mouse. About 130 grams, I don't know how much meters yet. But I love the colour and the next step will be to make a decision about what to knit with it.
As this yarn was a try out project, I am now confident enough to start spinning a batt, named Aladdin. I won it in  a contest and it was the reason for me to learn how to spin. So today I spun and spun and the result is halt the batt done!

August 15, 2015

Another schoolyear is about to begin ...

Next Monday duty calls again. Summer vacation is over. Another year of schoollibrarianship lies ahead and I have to confess, I wouldn't mind to stay home for some more weeks. 
We spent two weeks in Thüringen and as usual I will show some pictures. But first my thread related issues.
Now Is The Time is done. I am quite satisfied about it and I even think about knitting aanother one.
Another project is Whisper Poem, (Pattern: Westbourne). It is the first top down sweater I am knitting, but I already love this way of knitting a sweater.
Tejun (pattern name isSteps) is a very nice project to take with me during long car rides.
A big (and only) advantage of the fact we don't have children coming with us on vacation we have more space in the car. So I could bring my quilt frame and I spent many hours quilting on the terrace.
You might know the story of this quilt. Youngest DD and I spent a week in new York, two years ago. And after coming home I made two memory quilts. One for DD, one for me. DD got hers already, now mine is going to be finished.

I bet next week there will be less to show! For those of you who like to see some pictures of Thüringen: enjoy!