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June 26, 2016

Quite an update

Due to a weekend of lovely weather and a weekend in which I didn't want to go out, I have quite an update.
I stitched, I spun (both on my wheel and with my spindle), And I knitted on two different projects.
To start with my stitching. Last week I was stitching all evenings on one project, Call of the Raven. You haven't seen this for quite some time,Tthe latest update on this masterpiece was done on 2015, Februari 8(!).
This is how she looked by then.
Now she looks like this. At first sight you might not see the differende, but there are almost two full pages done!
I know, still a lot of work to be done, but hey, I also knit!

On my knitting projects I can also show some progress. There is Je Vole. I am now doing the transition rows, so after that I can knit the boreder. I'm knitting the large version.
Maybachufer is growing steady. It's a fun knit, quick and easy, so I can also knit when we are on the way.
And last but not least I spun a rainbow. The weather has been horrible. Lost of rain and stormy days. So a rainbow it has to be!
Apnning on my spindle is quite relaxing. I spun a rusty thread, lots of autumn colours.

June 12, 2016

Quilting again ...

After a period of six months in which I didn't quilt or stitch I did both this month! A friend showed me her finished embroidered Chinese shoes and I realized I didn't stitch in ages! So I put in a couple of stitches again in my Kuangsi Slipper.
After that I decided I have to finish my second NY quilt. I already finished one, that was given to youngest DD. This one is for me. I did five blocks this month.
And of course I couldn't do without my knitting and spinning. There is progress on a Je Vole (a KAL, Flight of the Owl) and some progress on Maybachufer. Pictures next time!

I already knew how to spin on my wheel, but now I also know how to use a spindle. This lovely yarn came off the spindle this week: Mixed Blue

May 14, 2016

Another finish

Last two weeks we really had summer in The Netherlands. I spent my second vacation week mostly knitting and spinning. My husband bought me an early birthday present. He knows I love knitting and spinning and during my vacation we ran into a lovely little spinning wheel. So he asked me if I would like to have it as a birthday present. Of course I couldn't resist and so I ended up spinning on my terrace for the rest of the week LOL
The first result is this skein of Old Rose. It is about 35 grams, 167 yards. 50 grams left to spin.
And there is another finish, a shawl, Life is But a Dream. the pattern is Merriwether by Rae Gronmark. I used a hand dyed yarn by Wol met Verve and two skeins of Madeline Tosh.
I love the way they match!
And of course there is another project on the needles. Flight of the Owl. A lovely pattern although it took me some time to get the hang of it.

May 02, 2016


And then, all of a sudden, I have a two week long vacation. And it started with a fabulous weekend at the Breidagen Rijswijk, where I was a knitting doctor and in charge of the children's activities. It was a weekend full of meeting friends, wool and knitting supplies.
After that DH and I went on a trip to Berlin, were we spent five days.
Now, back home again, spring finally is here and I spent this morning cleaning the terrace. And I have some time to show you two finishes and a new project.
Just before the breidagen I finished my Penguin Rock'n'Roll shawl, designed by Anna Maltz, aka Sweaterspotter.
In Berlin, I finished my first pair of gloves, No Bananas today. It was cold in  Berlin, I really  needed some gloves!
And then I started a new project, Life is But a Dream. Design Merriwether by Rae Gronmark. 
And to show you we really were in Berlin and I realloy cleaned the terrace this morning, here are some pictures 

April 04, 2016

Penguin in spring

Finally it looks like spring arrived in The Netherlands. I almost hear you ask: where is that penguin in your blog title coming from?
Well, I am knitting like crazy on my shawl Penguin Rock'n'Roll. I am determined to have it finished in a little more than two weeks.
Anna Maltz aka Sweaterspotter ( the designer of the shawl) is coming to the Nederlandse Breidagen and I am going to do a workshop. Would be nice to bring my shawl, wouldn't it? I found a matching jacket to wear.
Apart from knitting I did some spinning. A rubyred, (colour name blackberry) yarn is the result. 76 grams, 274 meters. I want to combine it with some old rose yarn when I finished spinning that.

March 20, 2016

Before you know ....

Before you know vacation is over and you are in the middle of all kind of activities again. Our spring break is over since long, so it seems to me, but I owe you some pictures.

We went to Germany for a few days, hoping to get a little bit of early sunbeams. In this time of year we long for them more than ever, so maybe it would be wise to travel to a warm island, but unfortunately that would be too expensive.

Instead of a sunny island we went to Monschau, a lovely village in the Eifel, Germany. And instead of sun, we got snow! And you should know, I hate snow! Not fot the look of it, when trees and roofs are covered, but because of the cold.

But this time, relaxing in a good hotel, not being stressed about the thought how to go to work (by bike? by bus?) I really enjoyed the view of it. We had winter! A real winter for three whole days!Pictures at the end of this blogpost!

I got plenty of time to knit too, so the perfect vacation for me. One of the things I never did before, is knitting gloves. So I casted on a glove, to have something to knit on a car ride. the first is done, second one is on the needles. I took a pattern, left the cables out and added another cable pattern when I realized it would turn out too large without cables.
The Penguin Kal is growing bit by bit. I have to confess, greys are not my favourite colours to knit and until now I find the pattern quite simple. Most of the time only knit. The nice part though, is the angles, in which you knit another colour, doing short rows. The best part is yet to come and I know the outcome will be nice. Here is Penguin Rock'n'Roll.
And last but not least I have some progress on the KAL Urquhart Castle. Imagine casting on 960 stitches for a large square shawl. And then knit in lace pattern. Clue 1 and 2 done!
As promised some lovely snow pictures and, coming home after our vacation, our little tree in a pot,  showing some green leaves!

February 29, 2016

Vacation Monday

In our region of The Netherlands we have spring break. That means no work (school) for a week. For me, the most joyful days of vacations are Mondays. It starts on Sunday evening, That glorious feeling that you have a week ahead of no obligations, no rising early in the morning, no have to's.
And so I spent my day knitting, spining on a new project and preparing some other knits. Skeins turned into balls of yarn and I knitted on the balcony to catch that early sunbeams of spring.

Last week I finished You Will Rise Again. Pattern: Carradal from Lucy Hague with lovely Celtic cables. At first I thought it would turn out a bit too dark perhaps. But now it's finished it's just what I imagined it to be the moment I picked the colours.

I knitted on another project, St. Brendans Fair Isle. The wool is a bit scratchy and it irritates my finger cuticles.
And on the MKAL Urquhart Castle. I choose to do the large square shawl, so casting on 920 stitches and knitting a few rounds costs ages!
I also casted on a pair of gloves, so I have a car project when we go for longer rides.
And I planned to join in a KAL so I picked some of my stashed yarn and winded them into balls.  The Penguin KAL by Sweatershopper. You can join in the Ravelry group  I don't think I'm getting bored for a long time!