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September 30, 2012

Quiltshow, Mary and The Raven

This weekend was a fun one! Yesterday two friends and I went to a quiltshow in Enkhuizen. We travelled by train together, knitting, crocheting, sewing and chatting. That way a three hour trip seems only an hour or so!
There also were quilshops, but being a wise woman, I only bougth one small piece of fabric. This day was meant for enjoying other womens work. some pictures are at the end of this blogpost.
concerning my work, I am stitching again. Mary gained two completed ornaments at the left side and a small piece of an ornament at the right side.
Call of the Raven has quite some progress since my last update. Almost one page!
Clue four of Forever Autumn is done too. I am knitting clue five now, so I hope to finish this shawl by the end of the week. 
Oops, almost forgot to add some pictures of Enkhuizen.

September 23, 2012

Many Years Ago ...

Yes, Many Years Ago I learned how to stitch and nowadays stitching is my main hobby. Many Years Ago is also the name of this sampler, a SAL run by a German group, Sticklounge.
Part five is done.
Forever Autumn, a KAL run by 'Goddess Knits'. Clue three done. It's the first shawl I do with beads, the picture is a bit overlighted, so you can't see the beads very clear. But, if you take a good look, they are there!
And that is almost everything I accomplished this week, due to a servere cold I was hitting the bed early, almost right after work, so stitching time was reduced to this weekend.

September 16, 2012

Mary again ;) and a welcome to all 'my' readers

In spite of a lazy Sunday (there is a flu coming up, I am shivering and coughing, but not yet ill enough to spend the day in bed. So an update on my blog is a good idea, taking some pictures, writing a blogpost.

I noticed there are 200 followers since this week! Thank you for reading my little adventures with needle and thread! I know most bloggers are doing a giveaway to celebrate something like this. I am not. I am a different kind of woman. I like blogging, I like you following me, I am just not into organizing a give-away. But I welcome you dearly :)

Now Mary. She has a grip on me, these  days, so I can show some more progress on her.

And there is another piece that has some progress. I doubt if you have seen it before on my blog. It is my summer stitching, in companion to Mary. Cirque des Carreaux by Ink Circles.
Work has been very busy, so I am strongly in need of relaxing. Did you know, knitting is relaxing? I did, so here is some progress on Red Wine.

And progress on NightInGail. Almost a third done.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have a little progress on quilting too! Autumn colours and the sun rising early, a rather strange combination, but I chose the fabric because of the lovely feathers.

September 09, 2012

Mary and Autumn

We had beautiful days this week. sunny and warm, so after work I could relaxoutside with my stitching. Mary Wigham grows slowly. Two ornaments are added and her name is stitched.The picture is a bit dark, taken outside in full sunlight, so I had to photoshop a little bit.
Part 4 of Many Years Ago is finished. This sampler is not always a pleasure to stitch. The fabric makes me miscount, so I have to frog now and then en re-stitch.
And there is my knitting. Part two of the Fall Mystery, Forever Autumn as mine is named, is not yet done, but I want to show a clearer picture with beads. I am halfway part two now.

September 02, 2012

End of vacation ....

Tomorrow lazy days are over, school starts again, so I have to be present early in the morning. I had a really great vacation! The weather hasn't been like it should be in summer, a lot of rain, but due to my stitching an quilting activities I had a reaxing time. And we spent two weeks in Germany with lovely summer weather! What else could you wish for?

To start with last week adventures, I had my Holland Springtime framed. It is now hanging on my wall!
I stitched on Mary again.  I found out I can also stitch on her inside, using my ott-lamp and a magnifier, so there is a little progress.
There is also the start of a knitting project. Fall Mystery by Renee Leverington. Clue one is started and finished today.