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September 09, 2012

Mary and Autumn

We had beautiful days this week. sunny and warm, so after work I could relaxoutside with my stitching. Mary Wigham grows slowly. Two ornaments are added and her name is stitched.The picture is a bit dark, taken outside in full sunlight, so I had to photoshop a little bit.
Part 4 of Many Years Ago is finished. This sampler is not always a pleasure to stitch. The fabric makes me miscount, so I have to frog now and then en re-stitch.
And there is my knitting. Part two of the Fall Mystery, Forever Autumn as mine is named, is not yet done, but I want to show a clearer picture with beads. I am halfway part two now.


Gabi said...

Love your Mary Wigham. Pity that the fabric is not such a joy.
Your other WIP and knitting are lovely too.

Pauline said...

Die borduurwerken zijn beide wel topstukken hoor, mijn bewondering is groot want ik heb het linnen met eigen ogen mogen aanschouwen, wat is dat fijntjes!
Ja nu zie ik de kraaltjes ook, is het leuk om met kraaltjes te breien? Heb je er geen last van?

Christine said...

Mary Wigham is gorgeous. Lovely knitting too

Corina van Krieken said...

Wat werk je toch mooi Joke!

Joy said...

The knitting is gorgeous!! Some fabbys are just lovely, but not soo much when it comes to stitching. Hang in there you are making progress and a finish will be upon you! :-)

Giovanna said...

Lovely stitching and knitting!

heike said...

Your Mary Wigham looks wonderful, Joke. Wonderful Colors.
The knitting is good, too

Hugs, Heike

Vickie said...

Your Mary Wigham piece looks wonderful! Your knitting is amazing...hopefully the frog won't stay too long!