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September 16, 2012

Mary again ;) and a welcome to all 'my' readers

In spite of a lazy Sunday (there is a flu coming up, I am shivering and coughing, but not yet ill enough to spend the day in bed. So an update on my blog is a good idea, taking some pictures, writing a blogpost.

I noticed there are 200 followers since this week! Thank you for reading my little adventures with needle and thread! I know most bloggers are doing a giveaway to celebrate something like this. I am not. I am a different kind of woman. I like blogging, I like you following me, I am just not into organizing a give-away. But I welcome you dearly :)

Now Mary. She has a grip on me, these  days, so I can show some more progress on her.

And there is another piece that has some progress. I doubt if you have seen it before on my blog. It is my summer stitching, in companion to Mary. Cirque des Carreaux by Ink Circles.
Work has been very busy, so I am strongly in need of relaxing. Did you know, knitting is relaxing? I did, so here is some progress on Red Wine.

And progress on NightInGail. Almost a third done.

Oh, I almost forgot, I have a little progress on quilting too! Autumn colours and the sun rising early, a rather strange combination, but I chose the fabric because of the lovely feathers.


heike said...

Hi Joke,

the Mary Wigham and the Cirque des Carreaux looks good. Your quilt looks goodtoo, i love the colors, feathers and hens

Hugs, Heike

Giovanna said...

This is all lovely handwork - Mary is coming along really nicely. Congrats on reaching 200 followers!

ginnyt said...

hope you feel better; love your blog!!!

Pauline said...

Your hands do magictricks with any kind of needle and thread! Whatever you start, it looks stunning!

Christine said...

Wonderful work on all your different projects. Hope you feel better soon

Vickie said...

All I can say is your are my hero! I just love all your work!