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October 28, 2012


DH and I had a very relaxing week. We had a vacation in Germany, we rented a house (on the top of a hill) at the edge of a village,  and stayed there for a whole week! Away from work and all day stress (traffic noise in front of our house is getting worse and worse) we had a week of silence. No radio, no television, no phone, only our little trips in the neighbourhood, our books and my stitching and knitting.
I'll show some picture at the end of this post, for who is interested.

So, due to the hours we needed to get there I had some extra knitting time. And I decided Red Wine was the lucky one this time. So here she is, added more than two rows of flowers.
Many Years Ago part 7 is also done. 
And than there is Call of the Raven, I added at least 2000 stitches, so my goal for this month is reached again :) 
And here is the selection of some pictures of our vacation in  Germany.

October 21, 2012

Not much, only Mary ...

Hey there, Mary IS much! She is much fun to look at and  much pleasure to stitch. And there is a little progress again. The red- brown ornament is finished, another brown element too and a little pink bird is growing.

Besides stitching on Mary I am busy knitting. Knitting on a secret project, a lovely shawl for a special person. But of course I can't show progress here, for not spoiling the surprise element. I only can say I am more than halfway....

October 14, 2012

Red Wine and Mary

Don't worry, this title is not about Mary and red wine spoiled over her. You might know I love a glass of red wine in the evening. Consider it my nightcap :) Maybe that's why I named my new shawl Red Wine. Since evenings are getting colder I can knit this warm woolen shawl without sweaty hands, so there is progress.
There's also progress on Mary and I am careful with her, especially in the evening ;) So no coffee or wine stains yet, but a finished black ornament and a nearly finished brown one.
Many Years Ago has another part added too. Part 6 is done, three to go!
I still have difficulties with the fabric, there is much frogging involved. Ugh! But the result is what counts, so I keep stitching!

October 07, 2012

Forever Autumn, a gift and Mary

Forever Autumn is a finish! I finished the knitting last wednesday, so I blocked her and today I could see how she turned out. It definitely is a 'she', having little pearls all over the design.
I am not sure if I am happy with her. The design is great, the finish also, but I am not sure if the color fits me .... So I'll give her (and me) some time, to get used to each other. Ever made pictures of yourself in the mirror? 
Also wednesday, after a not so nice day at work, a gift came in with the postman. A sweet friend crocheted a lovely little project bag for me. We don't know each other in real life, only  via the internet, but that doesn't matter. There is friendship between us, that's what matters. 
And look what a lovely bag she made. I already use it, my new knitting project is in it :)
Thank you, dear friend!
And Mary. Mary and I become close. We are each others company several days a week now and it does good to both of us. The black ornament on the right is finished, the blue ond is added this week. Started a black ornament.