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October 14, 2012

Red Wine and Mary

Don't worry, this title is not about Mary and red wine spoiled over her. You might know I love a glass of red wine in the evening. Consider it my nightcap :) Maybe that's why I named my new shawl Red Wine. Since evenings are getting colder I can knit this warm woolen shawl without sweaty hands, so there is progress.
There's also progress on Mary and I am careful with her, especially in the evening ;) So no coffee or wine stains yet, but a finished black ornament and a nearly finished brown one.
Many Years Ago has another part added too. Part 6 is done, three to go!
I still have difficulties with the fabric, there is much frogging involved. Ugh! But the result is what counts, so I keep stitching!


Corina said...

Prachtig prachtig prachtig!

Deb said...


Christine said...

All three projects are looking lovely

Giovanna said...

You're doing great on your WIPs - lovely!

heike said...

Great work, Joke.

Hugs, Heike

Marcy said...

Your new shawl is gorgeous! Love those colors.