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October 07, 2012

Forever Autumn, a gift and Mary

Forever Autumn is a finish! I finished the knitting last wednesday, so I blocked her and today I could see how she turned out. It definitely is a 'she', having little pearls all over the design.
I am not sure if I am happy with her. The design is great, the finish also, but I am not sure if the color fits me .... So I'll give her (and me) some time, to get used to each other. Ever made pictures of yourself in the mirror? 
Also wednesday, after a not so nice day at work, a gift came in with the postman. A sweet friend crocheted a lovely little project bag for me. We don't know each other in real life, only  via the internet, but that doesn't matter. There is friendship between us, that's what matters. 
And look what a lovely bag she made. I already use it, my new knitting project is in it :)
Thank you, dear friend!
And Mary. Mary and I become close. We are each others company several days a week now and it does good to both of us. The black ornament on the right is finished, the blue ond is added this week. Started a black ornament.


Christine said...

Allemachies Joke, wat is de stola/sjaal mooi geworden.
Echt super zo die kleur bij je haren.
Ja die haakster van ons, heeft ons lekker verwend he.
Je hebt er veelplezier van en het staat ontzettend leuk.
Mary schiet lekker op, ze wordt prachtig
Veel liefs Chrissie

Corina said...

Je sjaal is prachtig Joke! (eigenlijk is sjaal een veel te gewoon woord voor zoiets moois), fijn dat Mary lekker opschiet en je je gekregen tasje goed gebruikt.

Christine said...

Your new shawl is gorgeous Joke, and the little project bag your friend made for you is just lovely.
Mary Wigham is looking wonderful too

Giovanna said...

Beautiful shawl, congratulations. Very pretty bag from your friend, and Mary is looking lovelier every time.

Villa-loredana said...

All is marvolous, you are great, is possible to have a pattern for the crochet bag, thanks in advance. Loredana.