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September 25, 2011


Autumn is here with sunny days. It seems those sunny days we missed during last summer are coming now. Trees are already colouring and they made me long for Vibrant Vista. So this is what I've been stitching last weeks. The first picture is how it was back in February, the second is how it is now.

There's also a little stitchery done. Lynette Anderson's 'Rise and Shine' is finished, but of course I have to add some coordinating fabric to make it into a hanging quilt. I already know the fabrics I'm going to use, now find some time to do so!

September 11, 2011

Holland Springtime finished!

Yes, it's true, I finally finished Holland Springtime. The beading is all done, the last stitches are stitched and I can sit back and look at it! Time to dream about framing and how it want it to be framed. I don't have any ideas yet and I will take my time. Maybe end of the year I take it to the framer.

Time to start a new design. I'm in doubt which one to choose, I have two Chatelaines kitted up, German Ostsee and Classizism Mandala. I think I'll choose the latest, what do you think?

September 03, 2011

Holland Springtime , Jane and exchanges

Lots to show this week! To start with the last, I now can show the Lizzie Kate Christmas Exchange we did on the HoE Group. I received a lovely ornament, stitched by Anne . It is Noel, a Lizzie Kate Flip-it. She added a gorgeous scissor-fob in exactly my colours (she told me she looked at My Tweets to find out what I like, isn't that sweet?)

Of course I sent an exchange too, mine was stitched for Carla, an item from Tiny Tidings XI.

I have been busy this week. Another block added to The Village of Hawk Run Hollow

and the beading on Holland Springtime is almost finished.

Besides that I finished the quilttop of Blonde Jane. I only have to add the border. Don't look in close-up, I didn't iron her ... I'm not going to back it yet, because I have too many quilts asking for more attention. So she just has to be patient....

From now on stitching and quilting will slow down, because holidays are over, next week duty calls!