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August 13, 2008

Half way this week already! Still half a week to go and work calls again. This holiday is over before I know it, must have been because of having so much fun at blogs and stitching. I planned to visit many museums this holiday, but most of them stay plans.

I went to Rotterdam though, yesterday, to visit the exhibition of Chinese posters. Since many years I have been interested in Chinese culture, and a part of that is the big propaganda posters the Chinese gouvernment used (and still uses) to bring their political messages to the people. I even have a collection of these (rare) posters myself.

Rotterdam is a three-hour-train-ride from Groningen, so it took me a day. But I had a great time at the museum, and afterwards went to visit a needlework shop at the center. Since I spared some money by not buying a catalogue at the museum (there was non, LOL) I thought I might as well buy a lovely pattern. Beardie Designs, Autumn Accessories. I'll try to start stitching it next week .

Travelling by train has a great advantage: you can stitch. So I started and finished this cute little freebie of Brighneedle Design, Humble Daisys, stitched on 28 ct. Cashel Linen. Now I have to decide how to finish it.

I want to show you some of the Chinese posters, some of you might not even know they exist if I don't. And as a librarian it is part of my job to pass information LOL , so here you go!

To start with modern times, here is a poster of the Olympic Games, 2008.

Under it the Olympic Games in 1984. Prince of gymnastics Li Ning won three gold medals, two silvers and one bronze in gymnastics at China's Olympic debut 1984 in Los Angeles. This year he lighted the Olympic cauldron in awesome style, lifted high in the air by ropes, circling the stadium and then lighting the giant cauldron.

One of the largest collections of Chinese poster can be found here:

Another review of Chinese posters can be found on


Nana's Quilts said...

How interesting! I did not know about those posters. And wonderful that you traveled to Rotterdam. I met a lady from outside Antwerp who had never visited Amsterdam and was not interested in traveling so far. I could not imagine that. [I LOVE to travel]

Very nice stitching, too. I'm making quilts for the granddaughters. (Klein meisjes)

Joke said...

I like travelling too :-) Every now and then I need to visit another city, especially on my own, without DH and kids.
Please show us our quilts voor your kleindochters :-)

Debra said...

Joke, sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Janaina said...

The kit is adorable and I cant wat to see them finished! I bet it will be so very darling! =)
Train to Rot. shall be amazing too... I am sure the view is stunning! Specially by summer.