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August 05, 2008

I haven't been feeling that well today, now and then I have one of those days. I felt a little depressed, tears came easily (and quick!). Tomorrow is back to normal, I think. But in the afternoon, my day was lightened up: a package from Carol was in the post!
She sent me an eyelet tool, so I can finish my stitching as a floss tag. And not only the tool, but also the eyelets and two rings! So sweet of her, and it came at the right moment.
Sunday afternoon I finished my matchbox swap, so yesterday I sent it to its new owner. I also finished the Santa Exchange and it turned out very pretty, I'm quite satisfied.
Today I went to the postoffice to send a Crazy Exchange.
Pictures of all of these little projects have to wait until they arrived.


icelandmom said...

Sorry to hear you didn't have a good day. What a great exchange from Carol. Hope today will be better. Sending you (((hugs))) from Iceland

Joke said...

Thank you, your hugs were most welcome! Like I said, today is much better :)