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August 07, 2008

Matchbox swap

Yes! The matchboxes I made are on its place, Pascale let me know she got them. Yes, them. We were supposed to make one matchbox, so I did one in Pascale's favorite color, pink. But finished, I was not satisfied, it was not like I had in mind. So I sent my DH to the groceries, and let him buy another matchbox (we now have plenty of loose matches, lol).

I chose a theme: blue and white. I finished the box, filled it with goodies and then realized I quite forgot it was not Pascale's favorite color. Oops, what to do? Make a third one???

No, that would be too much for me, I would run out of time and become all stressed up. So I decided to send both boxes, one filled with goodies (blue and white) and one empty (pink). Pascale let me know she likes them both, lucky me (or she?). We.


Annemiek said...

They look great Joke, Pascale is lucky to receive not one but two match boxes.

Mylene said...

Both finishes turned out great. Well done!!

Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog.

Carol said...

You are too funny! These are beauties too! Wow, you have been doing some wonderful work lately!!