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January 27, 2013

Commitment, stitching, knitting, NY!

Exciting news! This summer youngest DD is planning to go to the USA. She starts in New York and as I don't like the idea of a young girl (especially when it concerns my own daughter) all alone in NY, I asked her  if she would like me to come with her. And she does! So next June we will discover NY together!

And as I have to raise the money for this trip I made the commitment to decrease my expences. So I won't be buying yarn and stitch-related items for the coming months. Only when I visit  the Handwerkbeurs, next month, I am allowing myself to buy some small things. I even sold some of my stitching kits, never thought I would do such a thing!

For future projects I will be shopping in my own closet. And I started to do so when I casted on this New Beginnings Shawl by Deby Lake. The yarn is Malabrigo, beads are Delica beads, Amethist-Purple lined.
The SAL I started last week is also done from yarn and fabric I already owned. The cross stitch fabric was ordered just before the idea of going to NY together came up. The first clues are done.


Gillie said...

How lovely, Joke, wish you were coming to Michigan! I too decided I have quite enough stash in threads, linen and yarn so I am shopping from home in 2013 as much as possible!

Berly said...

Those are both beautiful, Joke! Have fun with the SAL!

Deb said...

How pretty! What a trip to NY. Happy you talked your daughter into a traveling companion. Have been shopping at home, too.

Pauline said...

Grote Bofferd, naar New York met je dochter, wat een avontuur!
Mooie KAL in wording en je borduurwerk is ook heel fraai.

Giovanna said...

How exciting, New York! I went there once for a couple of days (a very long time ago...) and loved it. Great stitching and knitting.