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January 20, 2013

KAL finished

Last Friday I got a big surprise. My Mary Wigham was shown as a topic on Needleprint. I did send an email with an attached picture when I finished my stitching, but I already forgot I did. I feel honoured!

Last week I joined another SAL on a Dutch group. The stitching will be finished as a purse. Here is the example, mine is in a different colorway.
And, right on schedule, I finished another Mystery KAL by Renee Laverington, Winter Winds. It's knit from a greenish soft yarn, Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace 

Also my Red Wine Shawl is getting progress. Only one row to add and its time to cut and add the border. 


Corina said...

Wat een prachtige dingen maak je toch!

Pauline said...

Leuk dat je het tasje van Jeanny ook gaat maken, ik zie ze overal op blogs verschijnen, ze zijn enig!
Wat een prachtige shawl heb je gemaakt en wat een prachtige shawl heb je op de rondbreipen!

Giovanna said...

I like the colours you've chosen for the SAL! And your knitting is fabulous. Congrats on being featured on the Needleprint blog.

Nana's Quilts said...

Wow - how exciting to have your work featured. You should feel VERY proud. And I can say, "I know her".