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February 06, 2011

I want Spring ... and an exchange

That's the reason I have been stitching on Holland Springtime this weekend. I added another corner tulip. Doing that I found out I forgot some eyelets in the right upper corner, so I did those too. Pictures are below, but the first picture in this post is for the lovely exchange Ellen sent me. I participated in the HoE Reindeer Christmas Ornament Exchange and Ellen stitched me this lovely Reindeer. It is a design of Oakhaven Designs. She added a lovely card and a thimble of her homeland, Singapore. Ellen, thank you!

Of course I have been stitching on other things this week. I have been busy quilting, but no pictures of that until I have some more to show. And there is some progress on Call of the Raven, but another picture of a blue dress might get you bored ;)

So this week the only pictures of my work are from Holland Springtime. I just noticed I forgot to stitch the gold thread in the left tulip, so that's something I will do tonight, that's for sure!


Chrissie said...

Wow Joke, wat een mooie exchange!!!
Ik spaar ook vingerhoedjes uit allerlei landen, jij ook???
Ik heb er heel wat van vele Amerikaanse staten of mooie plaatsen.
je bent een bofkont meid, eentje uit Singapore!!!
Je Holland Springtime schiet heel erg op.
Leuk he dat je soms zelf ineens ziet dat er wat mist,.
Zolang hij nog niet op hangt, geen man over boord.
Knuffels Chrissie

Mylene said...

Holland Springtime is looking gorgeous!
Cute ornament recieved from the exchange.

Christine said...

Your springtime piece is beautiful! Adorable ornament too

Edgar said...

What a super exchange. I love the Holland Springtime - just gorgeous!!!

Carolyn NC said...

The detail just gets better and better - lovely Holland. And your exchange is sooo cute!

DJ said...

Ohhhh....I love the Holland piece...the colors are so bright, I see why you are stitching on that right now! I love your quilting too, Joke, you are one talented lady! *hugs*

Nana's Quilts said...

Joke - you are amazing. You do NOT choose easy, simple designs, do you? Holland Springtime is just lovely. Prima!