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February 21, 2011

My Tweets

Today I proudly present My Tweets. Erin provided us with the design, but after selecting fabrics, transferring it to the fabric and doing the applique, these little birds really feel like my tweets.
I love how they turned out, a little magical, like paradise birds ;)

Also finished is block 6 of Lynette Anderson's My Garden. Only three to go ...

The old friend that entered my home last week didn't leave. She stayed with me all week, so now another page is done.


Chrissie said...

Nogmaals Joke, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
Wat een prachtige blok en wat een schitterende kleuren.
heel erg netjes, zo fijntjes genaaid/gefestonneerd.
Ik doe je dit niet na hoor.
De My garden schiet ook lekker op zeg.
Ben je de Baltimore Bliss al aan het quilten?
Knuffels Chrissie

Gillie said...

Oh my, Joke, you really have done some wonderful quilting! So very pretty.

Carolyn NC said...

They are just gorgeous and all your stitching!

Marcy said...

What pretty birds! I love your tweets -- they do indeed look magical. And your garden is growing nicely.

Blu said...

OMG! The birds look absolutely magical! Love the fabrics you chose!

Debra said...

You are very talented. Lovely work.

mbroider said...

Those birds really have a magical look!

Love the progress on your vibrant vista:)

Edy said...

The blue birds are Wonderful! Really worth "twitting" about.

Joanie R. said...

My Tweets is the are you going to finish, frame or quilt?

Joanie R.

Bertie said...

Indeed they look like birds of paradise, beautiful:))
Like your LA blocks, very twee(t) and gorgeous.
Wow the "Vibrant Vista" you are stitching looks amazing,looks like a painting:))

Christine said...

Your tweets are beautiful, they look like mysterious fantasy birds.
Your garden is growing nicely too