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May 04, 2014


DH and I had a short vacation and went to Berlin. We love that city, especially in spring! There are parks all over the city, broad boulevards, friendly people (as there are in every city) and we enjoyed our time there again! Pictures, as usual, at the end of this blogpost.

My Lily of the Valley shawl is now blocked and ready to wear. I think she became a beauty!
I want to show some progress on Call of the Raven also.She slowly grows. Slowly but steady.
Today I started a new shawl, Montego. A circular shawl, a new challenge! There is nothing to show yet, so be patient. Next week there will be an update.
Now some pictures of Berlin, no Brandenburger Tor, no other famous highlights. We've seen them, admired them, but there is more! This time I want to show the beautiful buildings, the parks and spring in Berlin. We also visited some beautiful Jewish cemetarys. Quiet, mystical places. 


Babs in Alabama said...

Beautiful Lily of the Valley shawl, Joke. I love that name :) Also the progress on your Indian piece and the beautiful pictures you shared with us. Beautiful places to be.

Blu said...

Love the shawl! It's so pretty.

Nana's Quilts said...

Dare I say it again - your shawls are just spectacular. Such a clever girl! I'm not working on anything special at the moment - just a few little things. I love Jewish cemeteries - they have a quiet peace about them. In fact, when we were there last year I met a woman from Noordwijk and she lives beside a Jewish cemetery - you just walk out her house into it. Perhaps it was once a caretakers cottage or something like that. Very nice.