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October 04, 2010

Springtime in Fall, My Garden and knitting

It's been a busy week with some unexpected nasty things. DH was told he will be without a job from the end of this year (boy, am I glad I did some stashbuilding last months!) I also had some trouble at work, so this weekend wasn't a very happy weekend.
I did quite some stitching, like I always do, happy or not ;)

I added a corner to Holland Springtime.

There's also some progress on Foregone.

My Garden has another block, block 3 is finished.

Also finished a scarf and started another one, in the beautiful blue yarn I showed last week.

Yesterday I found a lovely surprise in my mailbox. A friend made me some knittingmarkers, to cheer me up and to help me follow the pattern in knitting. Aren't they lovely?


Missy said...

Wow you are a woman of many talents. My eldest DD who just moved out of state to start college wants me to knit her a pair of gloves which she knows I am having such trouble teaching myself to knit. I told her I would buy her a pair but she said no and that she will just have cold hands until I knot her a about pressure!! LOL
I love your scarf.

Janaina said...

Oh, dear, sorry for the bad news for your husband. Hpefully everything's gonna be ok in no time. =/
That red scarf is something just precious! Love it!=)

Christine said...

Great knitting and stitching!
Sorry to hear about your Husband's job

Chrissie said...

Oh Joke,wat knap van je dat je ondanks al je ellende toch het handwerken kunt blijven doen.
Een heuse uitlaatklep voor je.
Het wordt prachtig,al die borduurwerken en die sjaal!!!!!!!!!!!
Heerlijk warm, je zult er veel plezier van hebben.
Je blokken van de Garden zien er perfect uit, leuk om alles zo te zien groeien, maar ik benijd je wel dat je zoveel tegelijk onderneemt.
Oh ja, ik heb "het "bijna af, nog even wachten he!!!!!!
Veel liefs en ook voor Piet XXXXXXX Chrissie

Blu said...

Sorry to hear the bad news. Hopefully everything will work out soon.
All your WIPs look great!

Gillie said...

I am so sorry to hear about your husband - it happened to us a year or so ago. You've certainly kept busy, I love the quilt!

Carin said...

je hebt niet stilgezeten. Prachtige werkjes !!

Debra said...

beautiful work. Great progress. I didn't know you knitted too

Giovanna said...

I'm really sorry to read about your husband's ob - I hope things will look up for you again soon. Lovely work on all fronts!

Marcy said...

What beautiful stitching and knitting. I like your garden quilt.

DJ said...

Hi Joke! What lovely knitting you've been doing! I love the colors of the yarn you've chosen! Can't wait to see progress on the new scarf. Your stitching is amazing as usual too! Your quilting is coming along nicely too (I read your previous post as well and saw the Baltimore piece...that's quite lovely!) Sorry to hear about your husband's job, I'll keep you in my prayers. Hang in there! *Hugs*

Sarah Lindfield said...

Wow so many beautiful things on the go, you sure are very talented. So sorry to hear about hubby's job, wishing you good luck.

Terri said...

Great stitching and sorry that your hubby is loosing his job. I hope he finds something very fast