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March 07, 2010

Winter Exchange and Spring arrives!

Finally it seems Spring arrives in The Netherlands! Snow disappears and today it was sunny, so I installed my chair on our balcony and stitched! I have a sort of rotation between winter and summer works, so I pulled one of my summer works out of the drawer, Cirque des Carreaux, an Ink Circle Design.

All week I have been stitching on some presents for our quilt retreat. I had to make seven presents and I am finished! Obviously I can´t show them yet. Last week I received this beautiful Winter Exchange from Edda. She stitched me two lovely items, a biscornu and a fob (or little ornament)

and she knitted the perfect shawl for me, in a bright orange/yellow. It makes me feel sunny and it's warm and cozy on my shoulders.

Edda also added a little booklet in Icelandic and English (as I don't read Icelandic, I am happy to be able to read in in English). It is about thirteen Icelandic Christmas lads, a Christmas Rhyme. Isn't that a perfect exchange?


Carolyn NC said...

That is such a beautiful exchange! The stitched items, the lovely shawl and I love the book! Nice progress on CDC, too. And yes, it is finally warming up here, too - hallelujah!

Debra said...

beautiful stitching and wonderful finishes. Love the colors in the shawl.

Margaret said...

Love your Cirque! And yes, that is a wonderful exchange! You must be so pleased!

Vinniey said...

Your summer project is beautiful! Looking forward to the next progress. :) The red and yellow color of the shawl are so bright and it's very sunny! Love it!

Vicky L said...

You got a wonderful exchange! It looks so much like winter. The shawl is so beautiful. Isnt nice to get warm weather again?

Ingrid said...

Joke beautiful stitching and I love you cirque, stunning shawl, I love the colors!

Kathy said...

Fabrulous exchange. Both stitched pieces are beautiful. I love the blues. And that shawl looks perfect for those cool spring evening.