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July 20, 2008

Holiday stitching affairs

It's too early to rise, but I awoke and it seems I don't fall asleep again, at least not in a moment. So what is a better time to update my blog?

First of all, I was sooooo happy to read Carol received my gifts. I was her partner in a Birthday Exchange, and I received a Crazy Exchange from her a few weeks ago, so I stitched something in return.All I can show at the moment is the CE, since her birthday is about a few weeks. I sent it off early, because I didn't want to take the risk she wouldn't receive it in time.

This is what I stitched for her:
I forgot to take a picture of the goodies I sent, but luckily, Carol did, so I think it's okay with her I use hers.Last two weeks in Czech Republic I had plenty of time to stitch. I finished a CE that I can't show of course until the receiver has got it. Besides that I stitched a biscornu, only have to finish it, because I didn't have fabric for the back side.

I also finished a little design of Lizzie Kate, Snippet #78 Hop Squared. Luckily I could buy a piece of fabric it was originally designed on, and I have plenty of the fabric left,so maybe I will stitch it again, to give away. Of course I have to do the finishing, I think I will turn it into a pinkeep.

I made a start with Periwinkle Design, I Love Letters Needlebook.

And I made good progress on my WIP, a design of Heaven and Earth Designs, Celtic Butterfly. I think I can finish it this summer, before duty calls again ;)

As always I took too much with me, but you never now what you are willing to do, isn't it? So the things I brought but didn't start or finish are now future plans, waiting for their turn to become WIPS ;)


Nana's Quilts said...

Your stitching is lovely. Oh so very nice. Het is heel mooi. I loved to see your Czech. photos. Do any of you speak Czech? I think it is even more difficult than Dutch, no?

So nice to talk with you this morning. Thank you. We shall do that again. Off to quilting.


Joke said...

Thank you Marne, I enjoyed our conversation as much as you did! And you surprise me by also writing Dutch!

Czech is even more difficult than Dutch, and no, we don't speak a word of it. When we left we could see hello and goodbye and thank you, but that is the highest level we reached ;)