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July 31, 2008


Outside it is too hot to do anything, but sit and stitch. Inside the house is isn't much better, and I notice I don't feel comfortable at warm days. Besides that I'm not allowed to catch the sunlight on my face, due to actinic keratose, a little spot on my face, that is over exposed to sunlight and, untreated, might become skincancer. And that means I can't go for a swim, something I really like. I just have to wait until a clouded day, and I'm sure, I'm off to the swimming pool!

I am anxious to hear from Carol. I sent her a Birthday exchange almost a month ago (I was so afraid she wouldn't get in in time) and I know she has been waiting to unpack it. But today is her birthday, and of course she is busy with friends and family, and can't spend any time to blog, but .... I'm just so curious about what she thinks of my presents!

I have been stithing a lot today. I have to catch up with Chatelaine Designs, Mystery XI. I am far behind, but this morning I could start with part 6 (June).

I have been working on a Crazy Exchange. I want to do two small ones, and one of them is almost ready. And I have been busy with my Matchbox Swap, also an idea from the Crazy Exchange. You get a large matchbox, pimp it, and fill it with small goodies and send it to your exchange-partner. I did one already, but I'm not quite satified, so I decided to do another one.

Also stitched is a Small Santa Exchange, from the PrairieSchoolerfans (Yahoo-group). I only have to finish it, but it has to be send out August 30, so plenty of time to do that.


icelandmom said...

Please visit my blog Joke. I have a surprise waiting for you there.

All the best,

Joke said...

I'am rushing off to your site :)

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Oh Joke - this is looking so beautiful! You are joining the people who are so inspiring me on the Celtic Mystery! I also have a susceptibility to skin cancer, I had a problem with something on my back, luckily it has been clear for some time - I have Celtic skin - pale, freckled, and prone to sunburn.