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July 03, 2008

Exchanges sent

Just went to the postoffice to return soaked wet. It was quite warm and humid all day, and all of a sudden it rained cats and dogs. I went home by bike, my shoes in my bag, for I feared they would be totally spoilt when I was going to wear them in that shower. You know, I love shoes, and of course, shoes are ment to protect you from cold and rain, but I also like to protect my shoes ;)

At the postoffice I sent my first packages ever abroad. Imagine, 51 years old, and never sent a package abroad, another new experience in the world of crossstitch I am living in. It is quite exciting, and I know my finishing skills are not too good, but I had fun stithing them and I hope the one who gets it can feel all the kindness I put in those little gifts.
In about two days me and my family are going on holidays to Czech Republic. We are looking forward to it, and I hope we can enjoy Czech nature. Of course we will visit Prague, it must be a wonderful city, which a rich culture. Of course I will share pictures when we return, maybe I can show a lot of finished stitchings too.

I am taking with me in my stitching bag:

A biscornu pattern from Sablaise (freebie)

Something for an Autumn exchange (can't show)
Something for a Crazy exchange (can't show either)
My WIP Celtic Butterfly
Lizzie Kate - Hop Squared

Periwinkle Promises - I Love Letters Needle Book

Marnic designs - Mother's Day (Garden Gate Series)
I wonder when (and if) I'm going to stitch all that, but I rather take too much than too less with me , in case there might be no chance to visit a needlework shop!


Carol said...

Have a great trip! I hope you get tons of stitching done ;-)

Nana's Quilts said...

Hope you are having a great time on your holidays. Bring back lots of photos for all of us to see.


tkdchick said...

Great stitching choices for a vacation!