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June 30, 2008

Weekends are always too short, but, lucky me, it's summer holiday, so plenty of time to do nothing. I spent the weekend shopping (at my LNS), always a pleasure to snoop around. I just love the atmosphere in this shop, there's always time for a chat and there is so much to see. I can't stop myself from dreaming of all the beautiful stuff Iam going to stitch. And I want to start them all tomorrow, so I always buy more than planned. Besides that, it was my wedding anniversary (18 years!) and I have a wonderful, but absolutely non-romantic husband, so I thought it was allright if I bought my own wedding present. That way I don't have to feel quilty LOL

Sunday morning I started with my sunday-morning-activity, swimming. It isn't great fun, just swimming for an hour or so, no rest, no sunbathing, just swimming. But I keep telling myself I stay healthy doing that, and every time I let myself into the water, a sigh of well-being escapes my lungs. And after finishing my rounds I am perfectly relaxed and so proud of me!!

The rest of the day I spent stitching and surfing on the internet, that is, reading blogs from other stitchers, great fun! I am busy stitching on a return-exchange. I like stitching on it, and it turns out just the way I want it. I hope I get it done on time, because in a week we leave on holiday to Czech Republic, and I want to post it before we leave. Yet I don't want to finish it in a rush, so I do take my time to work tidy and concentrated. That is how I am, tidy and a bit of a perfectionist.

The weather is lovely today, so I decided it was time to weed all the green between the tiles in our garden. Lucky me I have a very lovely son, who had offered to help and so it turned out to be a sociabel job, quickly done in perfect harmony, just the way I like life.

Also I could fill two enveloppes with gifts, a birthday-exchange (pictures will follow after the receiver got it) and a FQ-swap. It is great fun, and I hope the one who gets it will enjoy my package.
Last month I have been able to make some progress on my super WIP, it is a design of Heaven and Earth, started when I was deeply depressed and needed colors, a lot of sparkling colors in my life. I still like working at it, although I get more and more fun doing smaller ones. It is stitched one over one on 25 ct.

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