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June 01, 2008

A lovely sunday

Today it was a lovely day, the sun was shining bright and I took the opportunity to spend my day outside. Part of such a day is doing some laudry, but who cares when the weather is fine?

This morning I have been working at a lovely little biscornu, a design of Barbara Ana, called Autumn Biscornu. I stitched it already in our previous holiday, in may, but the result wasn't what I expected. So I decided to stitch it again, this time on a fine lightyellow piece of fabric. I love the result much more!

The afternoon I stitched on a beautful design of Martina Weber, called Celtic Mystery XI. I get a piece of the design each month, and the final results are unknown. A mystery, indeed. Today I received part six, but I am a little behind. That means, I didn't finish part 4 yet, not to speak of part 5!

But in two weeks my long, long summer holidays start, so I expect to be up to date at the end of june. The result untill now:

A well spend day, so to say, and the evening is yet about to begin. As usual I will be stitching on Celtic Butterfly., but I will show you the results of that some other time :)

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