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May 18, 2008

Nenne Design

Today I finished a little stitching piece, designed by Nenne Design, a Dutch designer. She does wonderful little cards, and one of them is called 'Varkentje' (little pig).

Stitching it wasn't that hard, I finished it really quick, it took only a car's ride to the other side of our country (the Netherlands). We drove from the northeastern part to the southwestern part to visit my uncle. My husband was driving the car, so all I had to do was to relax and stitch.

But after stitching came the hardest part : finishing the card. Following the design you cut your own card out of a piece of board, but, being a stitcher doesn't mean I can also make cards....

So finally I decided to use a card I bought, and just glue it inside. This is the result, and I am very pleased with it :)


Janaina said...

Making the cards is also the worst part for me... =( That´s why I always buy them. =P

Joke said...

I'm so lucky to read I'm not the only person on the world having problems with card-making LOL