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June 25, 2008

Exchange gift received

Today I received a gift from Carol , USA. She made me a wonderful scissorfob, and in her package added the scissors too! They combine perfectly, and I am very happy with it. She addes some teabags, French Vanilla, as you can see on the picture. I didn't know yet it was that great fun to be involved in an exchange.

Last week I finished something for a birthday exchange, of which I can't show pictures yet, of course. I have to wait untill the package has been received by the lucky one. I also finished the autumn biscornu. It turned out to be lovely!

And (of course) I made some progress on Celtic Butterfly, as you can see ;)


Carol said...

You are so welcome Joke! Your biscornu is so cute, and your WIP is STUNNING!

Joke said...

Thanks for your compliments, Carol, you make me blush. I love working on my WIP, I hope to finish it this summer!

Heather said...

What a beautiful little gift Carol made for you.

Love your biscornu.

Joke said...

Yes Carol made me something beautiful, and guess what? I have put my normal scissors aside and use it every day :)
And about the biscornu: thanks :-)