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November 14, 2010

Tapestry with Japanese scene

Not only work, also sew-related it was a busy week (do you hear something different, or is every week a busy week?). Yet I don't have anything to show you! I tried to do a small design, but it turned out to be even more work than doing a big one, so there's hardly anything to show. Besides that I have been sewing and doing some applique for a friend meant to be given on Sinterklaas. Remember Sinterklaas?

Last week I received something beautiful. A friend told me she bought a tapestry and planned to use the cloth for sewing. She showed a picture and I almost fell of my chair! She couldn't seriously cut this into pieces! So I tried to convince her not to and lucky me, she listened and told me I could buy the tapestry.

Look at this:

The colours seem to be faded and I think it is made for the European market, back in the sixties perhaps? If anyone of you knows more, please tell me!


Debra said...

It is so pretty good thing you talked her out of cutting it up.

Chrissie said...

It look great as you show it here.
I bought another one and what I did with it???
I will show when it is finished.
2 peaces are in ready, 6 more to go!!!
I made you very happy, that is so wonderful.
hugs from me XXXXXXX Chrissie

PegC said...

beautiful--great call on holding the hand with the scissors back from the brink of destruction!