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November 23, 2014

A little bit famous at my little corner of the world :)

I haven't been writing a blogpost for more than two weeks again! And again, I only have the excuse that I have been too busy. I can almost hear you ask: 'What important things are going on then?' Well, can I brag a little?  I have won a prize. Workrelated that is. I know there are many readers among you and the exception proves the rule and all that .... let me tell you about it.

There is a prize for the best reading environment of The Netherlands. It is meant for school libraries and me, being a school librarion won it! And I got it out of the hands of Aidan Chambers, you might know him. so I am a little bit proud ...
As this was really exciting and so were the days after (local newpaper and local television visited my school) I decided to put both my feet on the ground again. In a new pair of socks, that is.
And knitting those socks gave me such a good feeling that I kept on knitting. Here is my New York Lullaby.
I also started a new shawl. this one is meant to be an example for the seller of the yarn. 
And today was a day for stitching borders. I almost catched up. I'm only three borders behind, this weeks borders included.


Gillie said...

How could I not have heard of Aidan Chambers, had to look him up, but will rectify the matter soon and look for one of his books. Libraries, the word sends a shiver of anticipation through them! Well done, Miss Joke, you should be "a big bit" proud, lol!

Also in love with New York lullaby......

Giovanna said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful achievement! Lovely knitting too.

Melissa said...

Congratulations! You deserve to preen a little! :-)

Lovely handwork too!

Terri said...


Beautiful knitting!