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September 15, 2013

Plantation Sampler and sewing

Life is coming to normal again and so I had renewed energy to stitch and sew.
My Plantation Sampler has a nice border now, not completely finished, but I can see quite some progress.
So is my sewing. Since quite some time I was planning to make a framed sewing purse. I had ordered the frame long before summer holidays, but my head wasn't clear enough to start this little project. Some weekends ago I cut the fabric, and this weekend I found myself behind my sewing machine. I think it's an adorable purse and I ordered some more frames today. 


Gingini said...

Wat laat je weer een heerlijkheden zien! Prachtig nu de omlijsting en al het gras om het huis te zien. Nu alleen nog de leuke dingetjes. :)
Ja en de Tammy is perfect geworden!

Corina said...

ah, je borduurwerk weer een stukje verder - érg mooi! En je buidel is ook super.

Chris said...

Gorgeous stitching progress! I love this sampler.
That purse looks fabulous!!

Pauline said...

Je borduurwerk gaat lekker! Je buidel ziet er prachtig uit, veel plezier van dit mooie exemplaar en veel plezier met er meer maken!

Melissa said...

The Plantation Sampler is looking great. I can see a finish in sight!

The purse is great!

Rita said...

Beautiful progress on your sampler!

Great job on the purse too.

Michelle said...

Your sampler is going to be just gorgeous -- it looks like you could step into it. :-)