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February 16, 2014

New York City Found

A strange title, you may think, but it is the name of my last finish. The yarn for this beauty is a gift from my youngest DD. She brought it home to me after her trip to the USA. And as we share such beautiful memories of our week together I was looking for a song about New York. You might know I name my shawls after songtitles ;)
Another picture I promised to show this week is the latest picture of Randje per Week, the series of borders a group of international stitchers is doing.
Last week some dear friends and I went ro a large craft fair. Stitching, Quilting, Knitting, it was all there. And I did buy some beautiful things. I'll show you a picture :)
The next day my livingroom looked like this:
I started right away. this will become another shawl. It is so much fun and relaxing to do! Meet the beginning of Lighten Up!


Karen said...

Your shawl is lovely!

Nana's Quilts said...

Such a busy girl. The "New York" shawl is lovely. And how fun to go to the "crafts" show. While we were on vacation I did manage to find some fabrics. I must take photos and do some catching up with my blog.

Gingini said...

Jouw shawl is absoluut stunning! Gelukkig hou je die zelf. :)
Leuke aanwinsten en wat een schattig cakeje heb je gedraaid! :D

Lonneke said...

Prachtig, die roze shawl!
En dat groene garen is ook echt jummie.
Wat kan jij snel breien!

Giovanna said...

What beautiful yarn for a beautiful shawl - congrats on the finish. I really like your randjes too.