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February 02, 2014

A new start

No, not a new shawl or anything, but yes, I made a new start. I created a Facebook page to promote my handknitted lace shawls. I am going to sell them and knit on demand. So if any one is willing to buy a unique handmade shawl from me, just go to my FB page and get in contact! You find it here.
The newest item in the shop is winter Dreams. Finished only last Thursday and I blocked it right away.
A new cowl is on the needles, It's a design of Balleeknits and it is called Trees. As I rename my knitted items, mine is called 'Canadian Lover'. When I was a girl there was a wellknown song in The Netherlands. My mother sang it to us children. It is about a girl, named Trees,  that is so happy to love a Canadian soldier (it was just after the Second World War and  as you might know many Canadian and American soldiers were our heroes! So my Trees is now 'Canadian Lover'.
Beside knitting I have a stitching update for you. The monthly update of Call of the Raven is here. Quite some progress!


Chris said...

Lovely new shawl. Good luck with your FB page. You are getting close to finishing Call Of The Raven! It looks amazing.

Pauline said...

Ik vind het ongelofelijk hoe zo'n kantshawl uitpakt na het blocken, hij is gewoon onherkenbaar nadat ik hem afgekant heb gezien!
Ik vind je Canadian Lover super, wat inventief om bij Trees aan die in lied bekende soldaat te denken, helemaal leuk! Prettig weekend, ik verheug me al op de komende update!

Giovanna said...

Call of the Raven is amazing - and you're getting close to the end, great going