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February 09, 2014

Busy, busy!

On Sunday I take pictures of what I have been doing that last week, stitch related. This Sunday I did too, but I had some help from youngest DD. She brougth her camera, which is way better than mine.
She took some pictures of her quilt-to-be. Not finished yet, but one day it will...
Besides quilting, which I have been doing a lot this week, I have been knitting. My cowl is growing, it is something you can do while looking television. No, I don't look at the Olympic Winter Games, I am not that sportive :(
  My other shawl, New York City Found, is growing too, as you can see.
As it was Sunday today, I also have been stitching on my Randje per Week. I'll show you some pictures next week. And that's not all, there is a new project on the go, a SAL Halloween, started by the AAN Group on Facebook. Pictures next week!


Giovanna said...

The quilt is going to be magnificent! Love your knitting too.

Pauline said...

Dat waren weer heel wat steekjes deze week! Mooie foto's, heerlijk om een fotograaf te hebben deze keer, leuk om je werk door iemand anders te laten fotograferen! Tot gauw!