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December 03, 2008

From the Netherlands to Barbados v.v.

At work it is extremely busy, so coming home I have hardly any energy left. I just want to sit down and stitch something easy, but I also feel the need to read my mails and keep in touch with you all through this blog. Thank you all for your lovely and stimulating comments on my blog, it really keeps me going!

Last Monday I got a lovely surprise at work. We have an exchange-student, a lovely girl from Mexico. In order to help her I went to the Public Library and got her some books to study Dutch, just doing my job and trying to pay a little attention to a student, being away from home in a far country, without her family. Nothing special, I thought, so I was totally surprised, and very pleased by receiving a present from her. It is the most exquisite embroidery, a lovely tote for glasses, and a little sachet. The packet was so nicely wrapped, I first took a picture of it before unpacking. Tonantzin added a ribbon with national colours, and her name and emailaddress on it. I asked her permission to add pictures on my blog.

Quite some time ago I joined the Floss Tag Exchange on the HoE. I didn't receive anything until now, and I was a little worried the package might got lost in the mail. But today, totally unexpected, it arrived. Worthwhile waiting so long! My partner Sandra sent me a lovely package, with a beautiful floss tag, some great threads (J.P. Coats), a keyring from Barbados, a lovely little notebook (youngest DD keeps asking for it) and a package of needles.

Funny detail on this exchange is she stitched a part of 'Life is Sweet' by Ria Lanser, using creme evenweave and DMC. I didn't now this blog (maybe because I'm not a quilter), but Ria is Dutch, like me. So from the Netherlands to Barbados (Caribbean)and back to the Netherlands again!

I took part in a winter biscornu swap and this is what I sent to my partner. It's a design of Helga Mandl, January Biscornu, and I used the floss the design asked for. It really is a very tiny biscornu, and my partner Pirjo liked it very much. In fact, I did too, it wasn't easy to part from it LOL


Carol said...

Yay - you got your exchange!

Ria Lanser said...

Wat leuk om te lezen dat mijn patroontjes de hele wereld over gaan ;-)

Ria x

Nana's Quilts said...

I adore your snowman biscornu. So very cute. And of course, I'm sure you are most deserving of your lovely gifts - you have show great kindness to the exchange student and she obviously appreciates it. So good for you!!!!

This is a busy, exciting time of the year, so try to enjoy every moment.

Cindy F. said...

What a nice thing for you to do for the exchange student...and what a sweet way for her to say thank-you!! Such a pretty tote and sachet!!
Great exchange pieces! That little biscornu is adorable:)

Pike said...

The Snowman biscornu IS SO CUTE! I wanted to blog about it and some other exchanges today, but then realized I didn't have any photos. And I just don't know how to take them without daylight ... LOL

Thank you again, Joke!

Mare said...

What a nice gift! I just hate when things get tied up in the mail! Glad your exchange items arrived & so pretty. Nice finish!

Ellen said...

Lovely gift. Love your biscornu and floss tag too.


Janaina said...

Oooohhh we have that kinda ribbon stitchery at here too! =) How sweet of your guest!
Congrats on the exchange. I am waiting for a couple of mine to arrive, then I will be able to show the pics at my blog too! =)

Debra said...

wonderful gifts and your stitching is very nice. I bet she love it.
Debra in Indiana

too_busy_to_stitch said...

What a lovely gift! And I LOVE that snowman biscornu - in fact, all of that series are adorable.

Meari said...

Everything looks great!

Mylene said...

Great exchange received and i just love your finishes!