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November 29, 2008


Yes, I've got a lot to show. A stitch-out I did for Joan, a Crazy Exchange returngift, a Christmas ornie I sent and a great progress on Celtic Mystery.
To start with the stitch-out, Joan, designer of Sapphire Stitching, asked for stitchers for a Walking in a Winter Wonderland-biscornu some time ago. I thought it was fun, doing something like that, so I volunteered. Surprisingly, Joan added my name on the website (wow, so officially, proud feelings!!) and my recommendings too!
The picture is taken in my own garden, lovely detail :) , and here it is on my own table.

Taija sent me a lovely returngift. She made me a blue bag in different fabrics, and she added some lovely goodies. Some chocolates (two are already eaten .... eehhh correction, three actually LOL), a cute pink kitty, which I believe is a glow-in-the-dark you can wear on your cloths.
She also stitched me a cute little santa, finished in a frame, so it is a Christmas ornament.

Margaret let me know she received the Christmas Ornament I stitched for her in the HoE Christmas Ornament Exchange. I am so happy it arrives safely, and she likes it! I stitched a design of JCS 2008 Special, but I changed some details, like the floss I used, and the beading I did. It is a really tiny biscornu, I sure want to stitch it for me too, so one of these days...

I also want
to show some progress on my Celtic Mystery. Yesterday evening I joined the SAT again, and it's a good reason to stitch, stitch and stitch. So no computer, no mail, no chatting, just my needle, me and a good detective on television. I think I need more SATs LOL


Nana's Quilts said...

You go girl! You are being so busy - my excuse is that we have had a houseguest all week, so I could not go hang out in my sewing room (it would be rude I guess). But he goes home today, so I should have some time starting today. In fact, I will go do some fabric shopping this afternoon - the shops all have sales for after Thanksgiving. You are setting a high standard for all the rest of us. Keep it up!

Cindy F. said...

LOVE the winter biscornu!! and that button:)
What nice gifts from Taija:)
Pretty Christmas ornie...and you know I'm really LOVING your Celtic Mystery!!

Barbara said...

You did a great job on the biscornu. Congrats! And I LOVE your celtic mystery piece. The colors are gorgeous.
Barb in TX

Sandra said...

Love your biscornu, the snowman is a cute detail.

The ornie you sent to Margaret is very festive, I like the colors.

The Celtic mystery is coming along nicely!

Debra said...

great gifts. Love your winter piece the color of the material and the snowman button really make it stand out. Wonderful progress on your wip. I really like watching it grow.
Debra in Indiana

Carol said...

Sweet biscornu - congratulations :-) Love the exchange you made for Margaret... and the Mandala - a feast for the eyes!

Mare said...

Lots of wonderful stitching Joke! The biscornus look super & I just love the little snowman button! Do you remember where you bought that? Your Celtic piece is stunning!

Joke said...

Thank you all :)
Mare: the little snowman was in the kit Joan of Sapphirestitching sent to me, to do the stitchout for the biscornu. She should know where she got it :)