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November 02, 2008

Youngest DD's drawings

My youngest is 14 years old, and she is having a lot of fun drawing horses. Until now mostly their heads, but she is also drawing on the computer with her tablet. She adjusts picures, using a computer program, and this way she is creating lovely pictures. At least, I, being a proud mum, think so LOL. So now, a special item for Tonia, here are some of DD's drawings. The second one is drawn while she was at school I think, using her notebloc. The third one is her WIP, you can still see the grid of the computerprogram she uses.


shutterbug said...

Hi Joke! I'm finally getting a chance to check out your blog. I have added you to my blog roll on my blog (I hope that's ok) so I can keep up with your updates.
Your DD's drawings are great! She is very talented. :o) Also, I LOVE your Call of the Raven! I admire anyone brave enough to stitch a HAED. I have done BAPs but I'm not sure I could handle one of those. :o)

Hugs, Elaine

Daffycat said...

Your daughter is talented! She could get an account at

to post pictures of her work. That way she can get feedback and tips & hints from other artists. My daughter has an account there.

anna said...

What a talent she has! Is she planning an artistic career? Me, if I draw a cat, a horse or a rabbit, you wouldn't be able to tell ;-) !

Mylene said...

Great drawings of your daughter. Well done!

Carol said...

What an artist - they are beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Mare said...

Your daughter's art work would make lovely xs designs. And what a great gift that would be for a gifted child!

Joke said...

Shutterbug, thank you and of course that's ok :-)
Daffycat: she has an account there
Anna: For the moment she is not, but she is still young.
Mylen, Carol and Mare: Thank you, I'm a proud mum of a talented daughter!