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November 01, 2008

Workshop and exchange news

Boy, did I have a day today. Since I am a member of the Dutch sampler society MERKWAARDIG, I went to Nijkerk today, to take part in a workshop to learn some new stitches and to meet the other members. Maybe, I thought, also buy some new stash.
The workshop started at 10.30 a.m., so I had to catch the train at 07.50, to be in time.
Guess what? I didn't hear the alarm to wake me up, but, lucky me, I woke up just in time, I thought... Leaving the house I remembered promising DH to put the alarm clock at his side of the bed, because he had to go to work this morning. So I ran into the house again, upstairs, did what I promised, left the house for the second time and ran off to the railwaystation to see.... the train leaving.
Lucky me, there is a busstop at the other side of the road. I quickly walked there, to catch the bus to Central Station. Arriving there, I jumped out of the bus, ran off again to see.... the train leaving the railwaystation, just in front of me. Aaarghhh!
I always like to be dressed like a lady, and leaving the train a nice young woman told me my nylon stockings were damaged. From top to bottom of my right leg there was a railway, so to say. (Don't know the right word, but I'm sure all you girls know what I mean). Of course I didn't have a spare pair with me, so there I was, a not-so-perfectly dressed woman, arriving too late at the workshop, finding out I had to learn a new stitch I already knew. I only didn't know the Dutch name for it, 'stersteek' I only know it as an Algerian Eye Stitch.
Being I at home again, I feel I had a pefect day. I enjoyed myself, showed my lovely stitching piece Mystery XI to some fellow-stitchers, bought some wonderful stuff (show pictures tomorrow) and had some nice chats with some other members of the society.

Coming home I found out Taija received the Crazy Exchange I sent to her. So here are the pictures. I stitched her A Sampler garden, by Elegant Designs, used DMC (as charted) and finished it as a flatfold.


Debra said...

Glady you made it and had a nice time. Your finish is so pretty with the ribbon.
Debra in Indiana

Ellen said...

Love your flatfold. I like that design. Glad that you enjoyed yourself at the workshop.

Nana's Quilts said...

Wow - you certainly had a day with many adventures (some good, some not so good) I am happy that you finally arrived at the stitching gathering and got to meet some of the other members.

We leave on Thursday morning, so at home for a couple more days.