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November 26, 2008

Exchange received and sent

Today I received this wonderful small biscornu. Najma sent it to me, we both joined a 'Winter Biscornu Swap'. No goodies in this swap, just the biscornu. And it is so dellicate, with some beads on it, and on the end a little heart and a star. The backside is different from the front, I will add a picture when the weather lets me to take some good ones.

Lisa let me know she received th
e Christmas Ornament I stitched for her, an exchange of the Crazy Exchange Group. We agreed not to send any goodies, so just the ornament.
I chose a design of Prairie Schooler, from the book A Cranberry Christmas. I stitched it with Belle Soie, Rose of Sharon, and DMC 3815. I used a matching backing fabric, but I've no picture. Forgot to take them, and Lisa was so kind to send me a picture of the front.

My winter Biscornu left my home today, I hope it likes its future home LOL


Bonnie said...

Your biscornu is very pretty. I didn't join the Winter swap.
I really love the way you made the PS ornament. The colors are awesome

too_busy_to_stitch said...

It looks so good Joke! I've just finished a biscornu, but can't post pictures just yet... Love the ornament too. Working on a certain PIF right now...

Cindy F. said...

Such a pretty biscornu! and your ornie is beautiful!! Great finishes!

najma said...

I'm very glad you got it, i was quite worried it was lost, because i was no sure i had written the address ok,
feel glad you liked it

Mylene said...

A cute biscornu, Joke.

Irene said...

Lovely biscornu and the colors in the PS are just great !