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November 13, 2008

Show & share

Yes, I've quite some things to show and share. Let's begin with some random things I want to share with you. I got tagged by Mare , so here we go!
(One day later
I've also been tagged by Penny and Ellen (thank you both!) so I decided to add two extra things about myself, marked by ## )

1 This is really a confession, so please read well and do not judge! I've become a lazy, spoilt housewife since I became a stitcher. My mother used to tell me I would never, never be a 'goode huswife' (I have to stitch one of those sometime!) and for years I have been trying to convince her I was. I cleaned up, did the windows, washed the curtains, kept the house clean and tidy. You might never know, maybe mum showed up LOL. Nowadays, DH does the most, I have my job, take care of the children, do the washing and that's it! And I am quite happy that way, won't you?

2 I'm a reader. I read everything I see, every letter of the alphabet is spotted by me, it might be in a book, or on the street, it can be hidden in a chart, or even in the security words you have to fill in when you add a comment somewhere, I read it!

3 I spent way too much money, without DH knowing it, on stitching charts, fibers, fabrics. Okay, I also earn the greatest part of the family income, but nevertheless, I also spent it.

4 I secretly dream of another life. No, not without DH or my children, but a life away from citynoise, traffic and without a job. I love my job, but I keep dreaming of a cottage in the countryside, with roses in the garden, and me walking there with a basket on my arm, picking some of those roses to decorate the house. And a cosy bench in the garden, DH and I sitting there, reading and stitching.

5 I am a very good schoollibrarian and I am aware of that. I love my job, and I love the young pupils I am working with. But I make way too much noise! I keep telling pupils to be quiet,'s a library! And every time one of them tells me something funny, I burst out laughing and they do shhhh....shhhh.... you're in the library LOL

6 I love Chinese literature and opera. I've been reading many Chinese authors, and I've been listening to Chinese opera a lot. Sometimes I think I must have been a Chinese woman in a former life, it's quite strange, being a Western woman enjoying chinese opera, isn't it? Anyone of you ever listened to it?

##7 Given the fact I am married, have three children, a rabbit and two parrakeets, I love to be on my own. For that purpose I spend part of the evening in my own room, surrounded by my own things, doing what I like to do: stitching, reading, chatting on the internet, listening to my music (no, not always Chinese opera LOL)

##8 I also am very possessive about things of myself. I mean, I have my own books (don't dare reading it without asking permission), my own cd's and so on. Just name it, when it is mine, no one dares to take it without my permission, not even my DH. If done so, I notice myself nagging about it.

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I've tagged:

And about showing, I have a finish, only have to do the finishing. How finished is it, then?I stitched an ornament, planning to send it away for a Christmas Ornament Exchange. But then DD and DS laid their eyes on it, and they begged me: please mum, keep it for yourself, we like it sooooo much! And of course, being a good mum, I listened to their prayers LOL. So I am stichting like crazy to do another ornament, and send it on time.

Besides that I want to show the progress on Rose Cottage. I love it, and I hope to finish the stitching part this weekend.


Simone said...

Goh, punt 1 t/m 4 had ik ook kunnen schrijven! ;) En dat ornamentje is idd geweldig! Goed dat je die zelf gehouden hebt.

Meari said...

Congrats on your finishes. Your tidbits of info are very interesting!

I was a children's librarian at one time in my life.

Mylene said...

Thanks for sharing! Speaking of roses, i think your dream cottage will be somewhere warm the whole, you can only enjoy them outside for a couple of months, that is if we have a good summer!

Sadie said...

Beautiful work Joke.

too_busy_to_stitch said...

Lovely finishes Joke - love the info too - lol, just remember country gardens need a lot of gardening, so less stitching time....

Debra said...

Your onament is so cute and nice progress on your wip.
Debra in Indiana

Ellen said...

Love your ornament. Your Rose Cottage is coming along very nicely, I like it.

I have tagged you, have a peek at my blog. You are now double tagged.


Kathy said...

The ornament is adorable. And I love Rose Cottage. I have both in my stash, kitted up and ready. Now to find the time. :)

Penny said...

It seems you were already tagged and I missed it so i retagged you UGH. Anyway I guess we all travel in circles. Check out my blog for the newest.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, I felt like I was there while you were telling it, lovely finishes too!

Annemiek said...

Great finishes Joke, I'm sorry I missed you last Saturday at the shop. I was having some "me" time at home :)

Mare said...

Your finishes are lovely! I totally enjoyed reading your 6 things. Your love of reading shows in the easy manner of your written words. You pulled me into your world and on to that lovely cottage bench.