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November 02, 2008

Stash shopping and stitching

You already know I did some stash shopping yesterday, and I promised pictures. Well here they are, trying not to brag about how much I bought, and hoping DH never pays a visit at my blog LOL

I also bought some fabric, but no need to show that, it's just fabric, no special colour.

Another thing I have to show is the progress on some works. At first the progress on Rose Cottage, CCN. It is not much, but of course I have been busy with exchanges too, and I do a stitchout for Sapphire Stitching on something new. Before the 15th I have to finish one Christmas ornament also, so no time to blog for the next weeks LOL

And another progress is the one on Call of the Raven. Still stitching on it, and I think I will for the next year or so LOL


Betty said...

WOW! Call of the Raven looks spectacular!

Mylene said...

Great stash!!

WIP's are looking great.

Ellen said...

Wow, love your stash. I like the Rose Cottage by CCN, it is on my wishlist.


too_busy_to_stitch said...

Wow - that is certainly a BIG project!!

Debra said...

Great stash! Love your wips