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December 10, 2008

My first PIF

Yesterday I received my first PIF! I signed up for it on Viv's blog, and she has made me something beautiful! I am totally spoilt by nog getting one piece, but two. Viv made me a nice little bellpull, not only stitched, but also a lot of beading in it. Besides that it has some flowers, done with a special stitch, and they look great. See for yourself.

The second piece she made for me is an adorable little cushion, with lots of beads. Around it also a lot of beads, woven in little bows. Its a complete mystery for me, how she did this.
Thank you Viv!


too_busy_to_stitch said...

It was my pleasure Joke :o)

Dawn B. said...

What great gifts and gives me finishing ideas...Congrats to you as she did a wounderful job.

Barbara said...

What beautiful pieces you received. They are truly works of art - enjoy them!
Barb in TX

Cindy F. said...

OMG!! Both are beautiful! What a nice PIF!

Mylene said...

Such beautiful gifts!!

Janaina said...

I knew Viv would make you something really sweet! =)
Congrats on the little treasures!

Mare said...

Just stunning! Viv does such amazing things with beads! Wow these are so pretty!