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January 01, 2012

A new year and a new challenge!

Of course I can't start this post without wishing you all a happy and, even more important, healthy 2012!
Having said that I have to close the year 2011. Just in time I finished block number 6 of the Village of Hawk Run Hollow (I set that as one of my a goals for 2011).

And my Lazy Katy is done. Do you remember the first Lazy Katy I knitted and turned out to be too small? A friend enlarged the pattern for me (thank you, Cindy!) and I started all over again. It is now blocked so I think I can wear it tomorrow.

Here are they both, the Mother-and-Daughter-Shawl ;)

And now on to the new challenge. This year I will attend a masterclass Applique in February. After that I wil start a new project, Red December (Esther Aliu). Not in red, and not in December, so mine will be called Purple March ;) I already received the fabric for it.

And I will try to get at least half done of the applique blocks for Kim Mclean's Flower Garden.

Here's an updated picture, these are the right colours, loose threads woven in ;)


Chrissie said...

Prachtig Joke, wat een affies en nieuwies .
Echt op het scheiden van de markt heb je je doelen gehaald.
Die paarse Maart, dat wordt een mooie, leuk verzonnen.
Dat wordt een creatief jaartje voor je.
Succes en veel liefs en gezondheid voor jou en je gezin.

Vickie said...

Hawks run is looking wonderful. Your knitting looks wonderful. Good luck on the new challenge.

Berly said...

Hawk Run looks awesome! And that shawl is beautiful!!! Good luck on the new quilting class!

Christine said...

Great work on HRH and the shawl is just beautiful.
Have a Happy New Year

Gabi said...

What a great goal. I always flirt with learning applique, and will surely enjoy watching your purple March growing.
Love your HRH. It's lovely.
Wishing you a Happy New Year

Pauline said...

Dapper doorzetten met je mooie huizen en leuke nieuwe ideeën heb je.
Veel handwerkplezier in 2012.
Groetjes, Pauline

Debra said...

wonderful projects and the shawl is amazing.

mdgtjulie said...

What lovely wraps, and grats on the finishes. And the progress. You really waited till the last minute with Hawk Run Hollow!!

The Crafty Pixie said...

Wow! I love your Village cross stitch! Beautiful work! ^_^