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January 05, 2014

First finish in 2014!

My wish for all of you is at the bottom of my last blogpost in 2013. The year 2014 had a quiet start. No accidents in my environment and in my family. I started this year with backing my New York Quilts. A dear friend helped me doing that. It made fun, we had real quality time together, just talking and sewing. Luckily we are able to multitask!
Coming home I started quilting immediately. I have a silk batting and it quilts without any effort.

Of course I have been stitching on my Call of the Raven. I reached the bottom, but still 14 pages to go!
Also there was happy news in the family. My niece is going to have a baby. And although I don't know if she likes it, I knitted a little babyhat. You can find the pattern here. I knitted it with yarn, handdyed by Loret Karman and I like the little hat. A quick knit, only a few hours work.
Speaking of work, tomorrow morning duty calls again. That means less time to sew, knit and stitch.


Cindy's Stitching said...

The quilt looks real nice.

Miss LindaLee said...

Beautiful quilts. Your other work as well is great. The baby hat is so cute and all the great colors are good. You have a wonderful year ahead with lots of blessings and lots of colors.

Christine said...

Joke, wat een mooie quilten heb je daar liggen.
Lief dat je vriendin je zo geholpen heeft en dat jullie een leuke dag eraan over hebben gehouden.
Je hebt je vakantie goed benut, en het resultaat is er ook wel naar.
Veel plezier van de week en dikke knuffels Chrissie

Faith... said...

Beautiful quilts and the baby hat is adorable - I am sure your niece will love it!

Gillie said...

It's always fun to quilt or stitch together, love the picture of you too. Congratulations, soon to be great aunt!
Silk batting sounds like something from heaven!

Deb said...

Absolutely beautiful work! You are a great all around crafter!

Habibi said...

Beautiful quilts. I just love your work.

Vicky L said...

Call of the Raven is beautiful. Congratulations to your niece. The quilt is gorgeous and baby hat is adorable.