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January 12, 2014

New project

You may have noticed there is a new hype in The Netherlands, called 'Randje per Week'. It is a facebook group and a blog, you can see the button on the right side of my blog. The idea is to stitch a border a week, like schoolgirls used to do in former days.
I joined the group and am stichting along. These are my first borders:
These borders don't take much stitching time, so I had plenty of time to do other things, like quilting my bedquilt. I have done quite some stitches these past few weeks.
I also am busy quilting the first NY quilt. DD has her birthday in two weeks and I would love to give her the finished quilt as a birthday gift. I quilt by hand, but I can't quilt for hours, I have to pay attention to my back and shoulders. Yet I hope I make it!
And there has been something new that caught my attention. I participated in a game at a group of knitters I'm in. You were asked to post a picture to the theme 'Fairytales' and I came up with Aladdin. The owner of the group is a hand dyer of all knids of wool and she dyes according to the picture I sent. This is the result. The picture of Aladdin is my contribution, the wool is hers. And, good part of the deal, I got this wool for free!
I have one little problem, I don't know how to make yarn out of this. A dear friend took me to her dear friend, who showed me how to spin a wool batt into yarn. And after that I went to the attic, looked around for my spinning wheel (my dad once made me one, but I never used it) and assembled it. All I have to do now is practice! 
My first handspun thread!


Blu said...

Wow that wool is gorgeous! Best of luck spinning it.

Corina said...

wat veel en wat een leuke projecten heb je onder handen!

Lonneke said...

Die wol is prachtig zeg.
Wat tof om je eigen garen te spinnen, helemaal op zo'n prachtig spinnewiel!
Hopelijk krijg je de quilt op tijd af.

Giovanna said...

Wow, how thrilling to win such gorgeous wool and to learn to spin it - that looks very interesting indeed. I like the Randjes project very much, and I'm thinking of starting it too, once I identify a suitable linen band. You've chosen some lovely colours.

Jeanne said...

Love the NY quilt. I'm amazed you know how to spin the wool into yarn - what fun!